52 sundays; september 23, 2012

Many moons ago (translate 25 years) The Professor began his professional career as a musician with this motley crew; he was still in college, still had hair on his head and had a few less wrinkles . . . in fairness, they all did. This group wrote, sang, produced and arranged many a jingle together back in the day while pursuing other dreams of gigging with other bands and raising families. But they’ve kept in touch over the years and this weekend the group reunited to celebrate an upcoming birthday.

Set in the farmlands of Central Indiana on a brisk fall night, wind whipping about, sun setting on the horizon, several bonfires lit and bodies wrapped in hoodies, hats, gloves and blankets – a band with a Jamaican lead singer turned the front of an old barn into a stage and we all rocked out.

It was magical watching The Professor connect with old friends – this was a part of his life I’d never seen; these were some of the people who helped shape his career, who cared for and about him and who ultimately helped send him along my way . . .

The woman in the first photo is our good friend Sherri – she introduced us and as they say, the rest is history . . .

I’m grateful.

The music is by Perry’s band – pretty darn awesome seeing him live ~

Happy Sunday!


  1. Fun times, Great Music and a bunch of very talented Music Artists!!

  2. What a beautiful example of friendship! Wish I was a fly on the wall…

    Obviously, music is an important part of both of your lives. We also can’t live without some good tunes in our house. 🙂


  3. It’s a wonderful thing to know that friends can remain close over the years. I know I’ve been blessed with many friends who’ve lasted longer that a quarter of a century.

    Here’s to their 50th reunion.

  4. How wonderful to have had this reunion! I’d say this *motley crew* is looking and playing pretty darn good.

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