Ten minutes to empty my head, empty my thoughts, pen-to-paper without stopping. No editing, no looking back – only moving forward. Wouldn’t it be great if we could live life this way? If I could live my life this way? Only moving forward, never looking back to edit, cross through, scribble out or rewrite the journey so it flows better, makes more sense, looks perfect?

But what does a 10-minute life look like?

Unblemished? Pure? Spotless? Pristine? Boring? Generic? Would my 10-minute life look the same as those around me? Would we all arrive at our destination simultaneously in our wrinkle-free, no-iron shirts? Would we be wearing high heels? Flats? Flip-flops? Barefoot? Do we feel joy or sorrow? Do we feel anything or are we numb simply because the road is river-pebble smooth, having been polished by constant gentle streams?

Or does a 10-minute life reveal the same knotted tapestry and when turned over, expose the ‘not-so-perfect-looking’ side?

Given how fast life appears to be speeding by, I wonder if life will always feel as if I’ve only been here 10 minutes. And though life has been far from perfect, I’m not sure I’d trade any of it. When I review my ‘not-so-perfect-looking’ side, I see knotted thread, loose thread, twists and turns, stops and starts, and variations of colored thread . . . but when I turn that tapestry over . . . just wow.


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  2. First of all… great video! It’s being Pinned to my Food Video board as soon as I’m done here. And this recipe… wow! These look fabulous!

  3. Smoothing things out wears me out too. It just does.

    Yummy as always Rod and Deb.

    • Am doing my darndest to just keep moving forward Amy; sometimes I do ok, sometimes I need to be reminded . . . sigh . . .

  4. I love the video OMG .. do you have the rhubarb in your garden?? I am super duper jealous … I need to move where you live .. hee hee hee .. love this recipe and will definitely try it.

    • thank you and yes!! we have rhubarb in our garden – i actually had to buy more last year AND this year because i just can’t seem to get enough! these pastries are terrific!!

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