52 sundays; june 10, 2012

The Professor and I were heading to Indy this weekend and literally had to stop and turn around to get a photo of this child’s playhouse . . . yes, playhouse . . . notice I kept the ‘real’ home in the photo so you could get an idea of the scale of this pink Victorian. That is one lucky child (or children) – I had to refrain from knocking on the door and asking for a tour!

We did a bit of traveling last week and I’ll be sharing more about that later this week but I wanted to share this photo I took of a couple who sat directly across from us on the return trip home; neither spoke much English and we could tell she was quite nervous. He held one hand while she held onto an object with her other hand, closing her eyes and muttering words of prayer – just so sweet to see.

This one wanted to cuddle when we returned home . . .

While this one got our attention by misbehaving – taking residence on tabletops is a big, big no-no in our house but she refuses to budge until you physically remove her . . . which is the whole point I guess . . . sigh . . .

And I leave you with this poem that is attached to one of the large windows at the Indianapolis airport . . .

Happy Sunday everyone – looking forward to having you back here with us this coming week!


  1. That play house is incredible!

  2. I would have asked for a tour as well! That playhouse is amazing!

    • Meredith ~ you have no idea how hard it was for me – wanted to see the inside sooooo bad!! and this is why we try to always have the camera with us – you never know what you’ll see!!

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