52 sundays; may 20, 2012

How does our garden grow? Beautifully . . .

Happy Sunday!


  1. It is beautiful! Gorgeous. The perfect peony.

  2. great pics! Happy Sunday and happy week to you, too! 🙂

  3. Happy Sunday! Can’t think of a nicer way to spend your day than in your garden.

  4. Beautiful!

    I saw one of those green bugs on my rose bush yesterday. Do you have any idea whether it is friend or foe to the plant?

    • hey Rachel ~ not sure if it’s a friend or foe of roses, but i do know that SOMETHING has been nibbling away; we’ve dusted w/Sevin and we have new growth. going to dig around on the internet and see what i can find – will keep you posted!

  5. Gorgeous Debra! I’m at the stage of the year where I’m ready for things to be light on the eyes, and easy on the brain. Love looking at beautiful pictures! Love peonies; have a vase of them on my kitchen table right now. Glad you are folding this aspect into your site!

  6. So pretty! All our greenery is coming up beautifully and the hostas have started opening. Still waiting for the flowering plants to bloom and looking forward to the splash of colours when they do. Hoping you are enjoying a lovely weekend.

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