52 sundays; april 22, 2012

The Professor and I are in Santa Fe, New Mexico – the first time either of us have been here. I’m participating in a writing workshop with a small group of incredibly talented writers and even though there is still another day and a half to go, the experience has forever altered my life in a way I never thought possible, nor would I ever have dreamed for myself.

The Professor and I have also shot a few video projects and at last count I’ve captured more than 1000 images of this beautiful place; the little guy you see in the opening shot was enjoying some sun right outside our front door – isn’t he cute?

Thanks for stopping by and checking in – we love having you here!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Behind on my blogging 🙂 Just saw this. I used to live in AZ and one of my favorite things was all of the lizards. They are just so cute! 🙂 I’ve been to Santa Fe a few times and really enjoyed it. Glad you had a great trip!

  2. Looking forward to hearing about your trip and your learnings from the workshop. I have been toying with attending something similar myself, as a challenge and as a way to meet other lovers of words.

    Enjoy Santa Fe – it is striking and vibrant.

  3. I can’t wait to hear more about the writing workshop. I would love to attend one. It is on my bucket list. How did you decide this one? I’m looking forward to finding out what you’ve learned.

    • Lael ~ the writing workshop was organized by Molly O’Neill and team from Cook-n-Scribble; it’s my first writing course & workshop and i found the experience to be incredibly positive and helpful. am hoping to become a better storyteller/writer – highly recommend!

  4. Here’s hoping you’re enjoying Santa Fe! I’ve never been there but would love to go.

  5. Safe travels Deb!

  6. Enjoy the warm climate, my friend! Love the lizzard! And take some notes for me, too:)

    • really, really missed you there Lana – you would have fit right in and everyone would have loved, loved, loved you!! xo

  7. Happy Sunday to you too. Enjoy New Mexico!

  8. I am interested in your writing workshop experience. I hope you will share more soon. GREG

  9. So glad that you are enjoying your time in Sante Fe and especially that the writing shop is proving so beneficial and rewarding to you. Looking forward to seeing more pictures from this lovely place.

  10. Can’t wait to see these videos! Have a wonderful time!

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