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We traveled on vacation to Vermont last summer and had a fantastic time. I keep thinking we’ll get around to putting together a video with all the great photos we shot but alas, the summer project turned into a fall project that turned into winter project – you get the picture.

But, besides great times and great memories, The Professor came home from Vermont with something else – an itchy rash around his neck and on his chest. Since we did some hiking and other outdoor activities, we thought it might be a skin allergy like poison ivy or something of that nature because over the years, he would get a recurring rash on his hands – source unknown.

The rash was more of a nuisance than anything serious, so he simply kept it under control with typical over-the-counter creams. The symptoms would come and go but right before Christmas, the rash started spreading over his entire body and even to his eyelids. I finally insisted he see a doctor.

The diagnosis was a yeast imbalance that resulted from an allergy – most likely a food allergy; medications were prescribed, and we began the task of getting it under control.  We eat pretty well here at home but now made the decision to eliminate sugar and grains suspecting these might be a contributing factor to this perpetual skin issue. For The Professor, a man born with the sweetest tooth on the planet, who makes a mean grilled pizza and who also loves a good brew, this was not going to be an easy task.

In researching grain-free recipes we found this almond crust flatbread; I was skeptical, but the recipe has so much flavor and is quite easy to modify to your own tastes. In fact, I highly recommend you take a few moments to read their story and peruse their gorgeous blog – the beautiful photography and beautiful food will have you running to your kitchen – and trust me when I say the recipes are full of flavor!

This flatbread was inspired by a pizza from a local artisan pizzeria and starts with a Mornay base (think cheesy béchamel or white sauce), then topped with roasted brussel sprouts, prosciutto and grated parmesan. (Note: the mornay sauce does have a teensy bit of flour – we are not 100% grain/gluten-fee – just keeping it miniscule).

I am happy to report that The Professor’s symptoms are completely gone, and his hands have not had a rash for over 3 months – which has never happened in our 14 years of marriage! We have some good guesses about the allergy, but still aren’t 100 percent sure – I’m just glad he’s well!



  1. You had me at brussels spouts!

  2. Glad to hear that the professors rash has improved. I applaud you both taking the steps needed to improve your diet and go mostly grain/gluten free. I’m sure it’s not as easy thing to do.
    That said, this pizza looks incredible. The combination of Brussel sprouts, prosciutto and Mornay sauce is truly inspired!

  3. That looks like an amazing dinner! I think that rashes are one of the worst ailments. Glad he’s doing better!

  4. The recipe for the Flatbread with the almond flour sounds lovely! I was very interested in reading about your husband’s issues with the re-occurring rashes. I’m wondering now if my sister has a problem with a yeast imbalance has she suffers from what sounds very similar to what your husband did.
    I’m going to let her know about this. Very happy to hear that he is doing so well.

    • Paula ~ this had been an ongoing issue for the last 14 years and we couldn’t get to the bottom of it; spent quite a bit of $$$ on allergy tests, dr appts, etc., but until this thing got ridiculously out of control, were we able to pinpoint what we think is the culprit. process of elimination and a TON of patience!

  5. Proscuitto, brussels sprouts? Be still my beating heart. Winning combination, I love it!

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