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Three of our dinner guests huddled around the stove eyeing me suspiciously while I mashed softened butter into a bit of flour; I was making gravy to go with my braised pot roast and roasted vegetables.

3-23 UPDATE: Ree has offered to send additional signed copies of her new cookbook, ‘Food From My Frontier’ to 3 additional winners so we’re extending the giveaway through the weekend until next Monday, March 26 at 5pm EDT – Happy Friday!!

Finally someone asked, ‘What are you doing?’ I heard an exhale, then a relieved Kentucky accent, ‘So glad you asked that ‘cuz’ I was wonderin’ the same thing.’ ‘I’m making a thickener for the gravy; if I simply dump flour into this hot liquid, the flour seizes up and I’ll have lumpy gravy. But incorporating the flour into this softened butter first, the flour gets dispersed evenly, the gravy thickens and voila – no lumps!’ ‘Huh.’ was the reply. (None of the three do much cooking.)

We found ourselves with a houseful of guests and an impromptu dinner party following a wedding shower; we had planned a meal for 6 and, suddenly, there were 12. Over the years I’ve learned to roll with this kind of thing and, like Jesus with the Fishes and the Loaves, I knew I could add a few more potatoes and carrots, make a bigger salad and serve more bread – everyone would have plenty to eat, our house would record the stories and laughter of the night and, at the end of the day, The Professor and I would be satisfied our guests had enjoyed a good time.

Bottles of wine were opened, cocktails shaken and passed, music played softly in the background – guests were happy, the conversation lively. The Professor and his brother share a love of microbrews and at some point The Professor brought out his new stash of Lambic beers made locally – these were shared as well. A couple of sips and the-groom-to-be, also an ex-Marine, puckered his lips, closed his eyes, twisted his face into one that resembled and old, toothless man and set his glass down with a thud. In his Kentucky drawl, ‘You got any normal stuff to drink around here???!’

The Professor and I both burst into laughter – I laughed at his boldness for asking the question and also fell in love with him in that moment because that meant he felt comfortable enough in our home. ‘Welcome to the family,’ I thought; you’re going to fit in just fine. With a twinkle in his eye, The Professor asked, ‘What kind of normal drink would you like?’ ‘Do you have Rum and Coke?’ asked the-groom-to-be. ‘We can do that’, chuckled The Professor. The groom-to-be mixed his own rum and coke and, with a twinkle and a smile, took a sip and the evening moved on – laid back and easy – just how we like it. On the way out the door, the groom-to-be pulled me into a bear-hug and said in his Kentucky drawl, ‘Thank you for having us in your home – you’re a good cook!’ Awwwww . . . I like that guy!

Food From My Frontier, is The Pioneer Woman’s latest cookbook and as promised, the book is full of down-home, stick-to-your-ribs, no-messing-around type of recipes; most recipes will be familiar and all will have variations that allow you to switch things up a bit. The directions are easy to follow and in true Pioneer Woman-style, step-by-step photos have been included for every recipe. Rib-Eye Steak, several variations of pizza, Twice-Baked New Potatoes, Apple Dumplings and Knock You Naked Brownies (that title alone is worth the price of admission) will have you dreaming of hunky ranch-hands, cattle, horses and hay. I think my very favorite parts in the book are the family photos: the kids, Marlboro Man, Charlie, Walter and the kitties – everyday life on an Oklahoma ranch. One of my favorite photos is on page 230 – one of Ree’s boys has that look of ‘Hey baby, wanna see me rope a cow?’ Makes me laugh – primarily because I’ve raised two boys and I know that look – takes me back.

This Cowboy Quiche is super easy and filled with bacon, onions, eggs, butter, cream and cheddar cheese. And in the words of The Pioneer Woman herself, ‘Ain’t none of that weird stuff in it.’

I know our groom-to-be, now married to our niece, would approve.

And just in case you haven’t had time to pick up Food From My Frontier, I’m giving away one copy – ‘like’ me on facebook then leave me a comment here; you get an extra entry for subscribing to my RSS feed – just make sure you leave a separate comment. We’ll choose a winner via this coming Friday, March 23rd at 12 noon EDT; the winner will have 48hrs to respond or we choose another winner. Please make sure you leave your email addy in your contact info – do not post your email addy in the comment itself – we want to respect your privacy!

3-23 UPDATE: Ree has offered to send additional signed copies of her new cookbook, ‘Food From My Frontier’ to 3 additional winners so we’re extending the giveaway through the weekend until next Monday, March 26 at 5pm EDT – Happy Friday!!

Good Luck!



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