52 sundays; march 25, 2012

While we were sleeping . . . the rhododendrons pop open as the bees play hide and seek in her blooms

While we were sleeping

The daffodils arrived and,

the peach tree bloomed.

The crab apple tree woke from her slumber

and our forsythia bush now stands guard at the corner of the yard.

While we were sleeping

The tulips point their sweet faces toward the sun,

the pear tree blossomed,

the hyacinth is perfuming the air,

And the redbud tree says ‘hello’ in shocking pink.

While we were sleeping, Mother Nature has come again this Spring!

What bloomed while you slept?

Thanks for stopping by – have a wonderful Sunday!




  1. Beautiful! Welcome Spring! I love the shapes and colors that pop from your flowers. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! Yay for spring!

  3. My garden has only daffodils and a single rhodie in bloom but you have given me hope for what it will look like…soon. Thanks for sharing your spring with us.

  4. Great pics! Our cherry blossoms are blooming!! I’ll post a pic on fb when I head to the capitol to see them. They line the park in front of the capitol building here in Salem, Oregon. It’s quite funny ’cause Spring break started for the kids this past week and their first day off they got to build snowmen! 🙂

  5. So many things! All my fruit trees are in bloom which is both thrilling and terrifying because now I have to worry about frost and high winds and hard rains. At least in this moment I can enjoy their beauty and take pictures.

  6. It all happened so quickly. But gosh I love seeing these flowers in bloom!

  7. Soo.. so, lovely. Just lovely. I am thrilled that Spring has arrived, because my own garden is beginning to bloom, too! We have ranunculus up the wazoo… they need to hang on for just four more weeks before dying out!

    Happy Sunday you two.


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