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I stand in front of the meat counter looking down at all the shrink-wrapped, Styrofoam platters of meat . . . other shoppers, their carts laden with frozen dinners, ketchup, peanut butter and laundry soap, move in and around me. I am glued to the stained and dirty white tile, shifting from one foot . . . and then to the other whenever someone reaches around me for a package . . . tossing it into a cart with the speed of a Christie’s auctioneer selling a rare painting . . .

And as I view row after row of shrink-wrap and Styrofoam, it hits me . . . there was a huge disconnect with what I was buying and cooking at home and where this meat comes from, how is it raised . . . do I care about these things? Should I care about these things? And it was with that mind-set that I began reading Georgia Pellegrini’s new book, Girl Hunter.

Georgia had her own watershed moment while working at the famous Blue Hill at Stone Barns where she killed her first turkey; that single moment would forever change her life and placed Georgia on a path where she not only learns how to hunt, but four years later, she has grown into a different person. Written like great poetry, Girl Hunter is a gorgeous memoir; words which have rhythm and cadence . . . at times, her words move along with the speed of dangerous and high waters . . . and other times a gentle and lazy river. But it’s these final words in the epilogue that form a lump in my throat and I find myself blinking back tears:

‘It was more amazing than the irreplaceable meals, the incomparable vistas, the fine cigars and scotch, the almond cakes and gourmet chocolates, because now I am more awake than I ever was when working in fast-paced four-star kitchens, or on a high-pitched trading floor. It is as if I have realized again those first pleasures I knew sitting beside my creek in the Hudson Valley, watching the orange fishing bobbin float by under the willow tree. I am a more thoughtful eater, a more thoughtful chef, and a more awake human being . . .’

To be a thoughtful eater and a more awake human being . . . can there be a better aspiration than this? I am not a hunter, but I am grateful for women like Georgia . . . women who are fearless in their quest for answers, who gut it out blood, sweat and tears and take us along on the journey.

I love this book so much that I am giving away copies to 3 readers – who will also be entered to ‘Win A Trip To Alaska With Me’ contest over on Georgia’s site. Simply ‘like’ Smith Bites on Facebook, come back here and leave me a comment telling me you did; if you already ‘like’ me, that counts too – just make sure to leave a comment here in the section below – do not leave comments on Facebook or your entry won’t count. And please make sure you leave your email addy on the comment form (don’t leave it in the comment section as we value your privacy.) We’ll announce the winners here on Friday at noon EST.


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Kathleen Msays:

I like your blog and have tried a number of your recipes. I do not have a facebook page, so i cannot “like” you…. but I really DO “like” you!

My husband hunts our meat for us, we also process it to watch the quality we are eating. I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and became even more aware of the things we eat, I switched to organic dairy products. I to stare at those styrofoam flats and think of the quality and price. I like you and read your blog and facebook often. Thanks!

I just liked you on FB… But not to win a book. Just ’cause I actually like you & should’ve made it ‘FB official’ sooner. 🙂 haha

Juanita Garciasays:

Just liked you on facebook. I love your blog, thank you for the great posts.

To be a more thoughtful eater and more awake human being!

What a fun giveaway! I “liked” your Facebook page. Can’t wait to find out more…hm…I’m going to hop over to the “win a trip to Alaska with me” link! BRB! 😀

I just ‘liked’ you on facebook! Very cool blog. I love these types of books… have you happened to read ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’ By Barbara Kingsolver? I haven’t read ‘Girl Hunter’ but sounds like it might be along the same thought process as AVM. 🙂 Thanks for all your great posts…

Gayle Zawillasays:

I liked you on Facebook. You are an artist as well as a foodie!

I “liked” you 🙂

I would love to win.

How long has it been since I started following you on FB? A hundred, at least:) I admire Georgia Pellegrini, even though I have never hunted or fished in my life (one of these days, maybe?)

I loved Georgia’s first book. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one! She is a gem isn’t she! I have like you on Facebook ; D

I like you, & liked you on FB! 🙂 I would love to win a copy of this book, looks fab! sorry I have been MIA, sometimes life gets in the way, I will visit your beautiful blog more often! 🙂 Enjoy your birthday sweets! xx

I love you description of what happened to you that day. I can relate, and I know her book would be such a great view of how we can make even the smallest changes in how we view food. One step at a time. I appreciate your giveaway. And liked you on Facebook! I already follow you on twitter, and thank you for the follow as well.

I liked on FB!

Deb Harrissays:

I liked you on FB. Would love to win this,will definately read even if don’t win. My husband & his friends love hunting.


Susan Samsonsays:

I like Smith Bites on facebook! I would love to have a copy of this book, for I have nieces and granddaughters coming up that need to learn something besides fast food exists. thank you!!

Jennifer Kirbysays:

Like you on fb.

Liked on FB. Such a great post. I have been hunting since I was a kid and it gives me such a greater respect for where my food comes from. I have been wanting to get this book for a while and honestly keep forgetting my B&N gift card when I go out or else it would already be in my hands and well worn. Thank again for the chance to get my hands on it.

I would absolutely love to win a copy of Georgia’s book! I am a hunting enthusiast and avid kitchen dweller. I fully agree with Georgia’s philosophy about food and believe hunting is the most organic food practice of them all. Pick me, please!
Also “liked” you on fb.

Thanks for the opportunity to get our hands on this book! I have been eyeing it off for some time now. I just went over and liked your FB page. My dad hunts venison and I am yet to get my licence so I can go out and join him on those rare trips. – Katrina

I liked you on Facebook. But I really liked your review of the book. I’m looking forward to reading it!

Kevin Krawczuksays:

Liked! Thanks for the chance!

I liked you! 🙂

Whooo hoop liked ya both

Cassie Tuckersays:

I liked your site on Facebook.

Georgia reminds me so much of my husband’s grandmother. She loved to go deer and dove hunting all the time. I liked Smith Bites and of course I’ve already liked your site as well. Can’t wait to try out some of your recipes!

Ms. Pelligrini is a rare person in this world. She has not only taken the time to appreciate the world around her, but she has also shown incredible mindfulness of the people in her world. And that is truly rare these days.

I am interested in this Blog, too. I liked it on facebook and we’ll see what I can learn! 🙂

Nikki Wannersays:

i liked you on facebook…

Me me! I liked Smith Bites on Facebook. I love Georgia and her book is on my “wish list”!

I would so love to win this! I already LIKE you…a lot…on FB

Thank you for such a thoughtful post Deb. It means a lot to me. I’m grateful for women like you in the world as well. xox

Regina Mewsays:

Sounds very interesting. I would love to read it too. Thanks!
ps I already like SmithBites!

I liked both you and the post!

I totally understand the disconnect with our food. It is actually very frightening how far removed we are from the source. It would be great to read about Georgia’s philosophy and revelation on this subject. BTW, I like you both on Facebook.

Christi P.says:

I “like” you on FB…the book looks great. Thank you!!

I totally already like you on Facebook! What a wonderful giveaway this is! Seriously… fabulous! This looks like a book I’d enjoy

I all ready like Smith Bites on facebook! What a fun giveaway, this book sounds phenomenal!

Kelly Whittensays:

I love your site, and I love Georgia Pelligrini. I have her first book.
I also like you on Facebook. It’s funny how I have come to rely on your 52 weeks of Sunday every week. Thank you for brightening my day.