When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I’m betting some sort of chocolate dessert tops the list of those most requested; chocolate candy, brownies, red velvet anything . . . chocolate seems to reign supreme on this single holiday.  We thought you might enjoy a sexy little video to go with your dose of chocolate . . . m’kay, not that kind of video, we’re G-rated here at Smith Bites!! The Professor has dusted off his creative skills and written original music as well as used his mad sound-design skills . . . I gotta say, we kinda like this one . . .

You’ll be happy to know that even though there are two components to this dessert, it does come together quickly and the souffles bake off in less than 20 minutes. Another benefit is that you can actually make both the souffle and the nougat topping in advance; the souffles as much as 2 days in advance while the nougat can be made ahead up to 2 hours before you serve it. That makes this dessert a complete win in my book.

Pour yourself a nice glass of wine, enjoy a nice dinner and serve these chocolate lovelies for dessert . . . and I think it is completely acceptable to make these for yourself . . . then you don’t have to share!


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  4. John Andersen

    Is it safe to eat the nougat whip with the uncooked egg whites in it?

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  7. Simply devine. I loved it. Great production and mouthwatering sensual orgazmic recipe 🙂 Great job. Already shared it with all my food lover friends.

  8. Very clever and amazing use of sound! I will have those beats in my head next time I’m trying to drown out the loudness of the hand mixer.

    • Thank you! These type of projects take a bit more time but are sooooo very worth it – we appreciate your comment!!

  9. uhm, are you sure that’s not g-rated! ooh wee! that was some seriously sexy stuff! you took making soufflé to whole other level there, Smith’s! 😉 I love 2:25, 2;28… great timing and camera work. I’m in love. Oh yes, the music was just fabulous. I’d buy.

    • Thank you so much!! it was so much fun to create this one; we are working on a new piece that will air soon and have many more planned this year so stay tuned!

  10. wow! What an awesome video!! That was completely mesmerizing 🙂 Recipe looks great, too 🙂

  11. I just found this. Yikes it looks good. Plus it sounds like something I can make. Yea.


  12. This is SO fantastic! What a video!! The sounds are incredible!

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  14. Wow! That certainly raises the online food video bar about a hundred notches.

  15. Great video and delightful souffle!

  16. Okay, I do believe these would give chocolate cake a run for it’s money!

  17. Spectacular video! Is it bad that I was French kissing my monitor?

  18. LOVE! Nothing more to say… LOVE!

  19. Sexy video and perfect music! And that nougat whip looks perfect.

  20. Is it hot in here, or is it me? Holy guacamole. That’s one hot video, Debra. Happy Valentines Day to you and the Professor.

  21. I finally found it. My Valentine’s dessert. I’ve been searching and searching, and this is definitely it. My man is going to totally love this – it’s perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Loved the “sexy” little video!

  23. I just cried a litttle. GORGEOUS! Good job, guys!

  24. Love this! I’ll take one right now!

  25. Um, that’s kinda sexy! Love it. I totally want to learn how to do video like you!!

  26. Wow! If the visual wasn’t enough all those wonderful sounds tempted you along the way, truly magnificent. Bravo!

  27. What a beautiful souffle and a lovely, sensual video to go along with the recipe! Well done.

  28. Very sexy, indeed! Reminded me just a bit of Dexter images, full of sensory input, but in a good sense. How did you shoot the souffles rising in the oven? Amazing!
    I am so proud of you two – this is a professionally executed video!

    • hey Lana ~ my apologies for missing your question about shooting the souffles rising!! we baked those in a convection oven that has a glass front. set the camera on a tripod in front of the oven, set the camera on a timer to snap a photo every 5 seconds thru the entire baking process . . . everything is then edited down into that time lapse. hope that answers your question but give me a shout if you need anything else!

  29. Nice. I’m over here just snapping along with that cool music. I want.

  30. I like-a the video, I like-a the music! and the dessert looks scrumptious! But someone would have to deliver the dessert to my door.

  31. Wow! That’s the sexiest G-rated video I’ve ever seen!

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