52 sundays; february 5, 2012

You may have heard that there is a little game of football being played today . . . and that our fine city is filled with celebrities . . .

We had a visitor out in my neighborhood too . . . not quite the celebrity status of those down in Indy, but we found him rather charming . . . when you live in the country, you never know who is going to show up on your front door . . . or in the case, the driveway . . .

He didn’t take too kindly to having his picture taken . . . puffed himself up and threatened to sue . . .

Then realized he was the visitor and stepped aside allowing us move out of our driveway . . . when we returned, he was gone . . . guess he moved on to greener pastures . . .

We have a couple of fun projects we’ll be sharing with you soon . . . one of them involves rich, decadent chocolate and is quite easy to make; we’re also putting the final touches on the ‘Occupy Pantry’ project and will show the big reveal very soon!

Thanks for stopping by, we love having you here ~ and no matter which team you’re rooting for today, Happy Sunday!




  1. Your visitor sure has a pretty neck scarf!

  2. What a gorgeous rooster! Yeah, that whole spurring thing hurts. Glad he realized he was the visitor and moved aside!

  3. Roosters, although cute…are SO loud. Especially during times I’d rather be sleeping! 🙂 But cute either way!

  4. How funny! When I was on a run a couple of weeks ago, a very angry rooster ran out of someone’s yard and starting chasing me down the street. He made me pick up my pace, that’s for certain.

    • Oh Dara ~ that just makes me laugh out loud . . . the visual of that rooster chasing you down the street . . . puts a smile on my face!!

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