52 sundays; february 19, 2012

We spent the day at IKEA yesterday; I always love the drive over because we take the back roads which means we see beautiful farm land . . . I guess in some ways it reminds me of the little house on Ankeny Street in Walla Walla . . . seeing empty corn fields, cows, horses and tractors puts me in a happy place . . . and sometimes . . . we see incredible sunsets . . .

I also find it fascinating that ordinary trees take on a completely different perspective when lit by Mother Nature . . .

Pretty spectacular, don’t you think?

Thanks for hanging out with us . . . Happy Sunday!


  1. Beautiful, Debra.
    (and I don’t own that cookbook…wish I did. Amazon has it for $99! I got the recipe online.)

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Sigh….
    I love IKea too. What a fun day. Did you eat any meatballs ;)?

  3. I love that sunset! So stunning.

  4. Oh those wide open skies! I think that’s what I miss most from the midwest. Just stunning!

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