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Musical pairing – Down on the Corner by Credence Clearwater Revival

I have decided that I am a chip and dip girl . . . don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a great cookie or a killer piece of chocolate but if those were on the table with potato chips and dip? I’m all about the dip, baby!

At some point it dawned on me that while I can certainly make onion dip whenever I feel like it, I don’t; for whatever reason, I usually don’t think about chips and dip until we’re heading into the holiday season . . . then suddenly the craving hits and I’m rooting around in my pantry, checking for onions, sour cream and mayo . . .

I broke with tradition this year and made a batch of onion dip for our pre-Thanksgiving gathering primarily because I love it and because The Professor said that onion dip was a huge favorite of his dad’s . . . in fact, The Professor recalls many a time when ‘Big D’ had a tub of ready-made Onion dip and chips stocked and ready for whenever the mood hit him . . . which was often. I decided to make my ‘from scratch’ dip and see if it would pass the muster . . . Big D can be a tough crowd when it comes to this kind of thing; he’s a man of routine and doesn’t like to mess with what already works.

My chip of choice is one with ridges or a sturdier kettle chip; I think thin, non-ridged chips break too easily leaving a piece of chip buried in the dip – at which point you either try to fish it out with another chip or look for some sort of utensil to scoop it out . . . raise your hand if you’ve ‘been there, done that.’ I also find non-ridged chips too flimsy to scoop up a respectable amount of dip and have it end up in your mouth rather than wearing it as part of your ensemble . . . not that it’s happened to me . . . I’m just making an educated guess . . .

So how did I fair with the homemade Onion dip and chips with ridges? One bite and Big D said, ‘Now that’s good!’ And he didn’t move from the chips and dip until it was time for dinner . . .

A small success but I’ll take it . . .

Needless-to-say, I’ll be making this again for the Big Game . . .

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  2. We made this dip for the Super Bowl today. Oh my GAWD is this stuff delicious. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Yum! I am all about onion dip… And, yours looks absolutely incredible!

  4. Look at this dip! Yummy. I love dips like this I will definitely be trying this soon.

  5. I am a chip and dip girl too! But I prefer no ridges. So excited to see this recipe. I’ve had a carmelized onion dip on my list of dips to make for awhile now. You make it sound delish. Would love it if you added it to my “Master List of Super Bowl Dips”. Details on my site now.

  6. The dip is so good. But I gotta say CCR is a group I have not thought about in years. Decades even! I enjoyed the memory of it. GREG

    • Greg ~ CCR is one of Big D’s favorite bands (mine too) . . . so is a nod to him . . . happy it brought back memories for you as well!

  7. Love onion dip. The real stuff. Like this! It’ll be on my superbowl menu!!

  8. You definitely need thick chips for dip! Fantastic recipe. I haven’t made a real onion dip ever. I’ve always cheated with mixes *oops* 🙂

  9. My husband loves onion dip but I rarely make it. He usually asks at the last minute so no time to work out a recipe and the packages contains MSG which is a no-no for me…among other chemicals. I think I’ll surprise him and make this for him!

  10. Mmmmm you must be right! A cookie is fine but boy get me started on a bag of chips and a bowl of onion dip and I’m done for! Gee, Deb, bad you…living in Europe I haven’t thought about onion dip for ages and now I’m craving it! I have eaten my share of sachets of freezedried dip stirred into sour cream but homemade is even better.

  11. I’m with you! There is nothing like a good dip (followed by something sweet, of course!) 🙂

  12. Debra we are kindred spirits you and I. I am so a chip and dip girl. AND I need me a dang sturdy chip for the heap-O dip I pile on my chip. I have never made my own onion dip however. Me thinks me needs to try this one. drool.

  13. I’ll take chips and dip over sweets any day. This looks awesome!

  14. Even after everything I’ve eaten today, my body is saying “I want that!”

  15. Well, since Big D approved it, and so did his son, I’m gonna have to try it! Looks delish!!

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