52 sundays; january 15, 2012

The Professor and I had the opportunity to shoot our first wedding in December and I have to tell you, we had a fantastic time! It was a beautiful wedding and both of us were amazed at how calm the bride and groom were . . . cell phones rang and text messages were sent and received at lightening speed, yet nothing flapped either of them . . . the weather was perfect, warm temps, the sun was out and even though we were on our feet for about 14 hours, this shoot was incredibly fun!

We’ll be updating our photography site this next week with more wedding photos as well as other favorites from our travels and cooking in 2011 . . .

Thanks for stopping by . . . Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Wow – your first wedding! I did my first wedding shoot this year and it was nerve-wracking! Also chaos – our couple were NOT unflappable and it rained all day… but I still got some shot I am very proud of and (more importantly) that the couple love. Can’t wait to do another!

  2. Your first wedding….eeek!!! how exciting!!!!!!!! Beautiful images!

  3. Debra, the photos are stunning! What a great job for your first time! I am so proud of you too:) I love the shot of the bride and the flower girl, very natural and spontaneous. But 14 hours on your feet? Ouch!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful accomplishments!

  4. How adorable. And what a sweet dress the flower girl has on…love these photos, Debra!

  5. Congrats!! This is so beautiful & what an accomplishment for you both 🙂 Thanks for sharing the joy with us!

  6. What fun! So pretty!

  7. So pretty! Can’t wait to see the others.

  8. Gorgeous! Congratulations to you and the Professor! I know you did a fabulous job. These photos are just beautiful!

  9. How exciting! Lovely pictures, it must have been such a rewarding day for you both 🙂

  10. Gorgeous photos! I wish I could go back in time and have you photograph my wedding!

  11. The flower girl looking at the bridesmaids is precious. What a beautiful wedding and you captured it so magnificently.
    Congrats to you and the Prof!

  12. Beautiful photos, guys! And gorgeous bride, too!

    What a wonderful way for you two to spend time together.

    If you happen to be in Southern California on April 21st and available to take photos, we’re finally acknowleding our elopment and having a garden reception in the backyard. 🙂


  13. Looks gorgeous…that little girl is simply precious. Congrats on the first shoot. I would think weddings would be beyond stressful. Unlike that cake you had recently…there is no opportunity to ‘fix’ it after the fact!

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