One year a co-worker was selling a set of golf clubs that were in mint condition; Mom was sooooooo excited because she was positive she would finally succeed in her Christmas quest . . . at least that was the plan . . . but just like a cat who always lands on its feet . . . Dad found out yet again. It just so happened I was home the day he got a phone call from this co-worker about the clubs. ‘Oh, I won’t let on that I know,’ I heard him say . . .

When I told Mom that Dad knew, at first she was mad; but I had an idea. What if we used the old ‘bait-and-switch’ approach and wrap up his old clubs and put them under the tree instead of the new ones? He thinks he’s getting new clubs buutttt . . . and so the plan was set in motion . . .

Christmas morning came and the ceremonious unwrapping of the gifts began; at the time we had a big, clunky and awkward silver movie camera (I have no idea what kind it was) and every Christmas that dinosaur made an appearance to record the family festivities. Dad kept glancing over at the hard-to-miss, looks-like-a-set-of-golf-clubs-to-me present tucked behind the tree. Seriously, he could hardly contain himself . . . and we nearly choked to death trying to squelch our giggles because he had no idea what was about to happen.

The clubs were the last gift standing; I think I grabbed the camera and at long last Dad was allowed to open the package . . . ‘I wonder what it could be?’ he said with a mischievous grin. ‘Just you wait,’ we all thought. Camera aimed directly at him, Dad rips off the last of the paper, opens the box and started his rehearsed ‘so surprised’ speech . . . ‘Oh honey, they are beauti . . .’ and stopped mid-sentence as it registers that these are his old clubs – old clubs covered in turf, mud and sand – I had purposefully wrapped them exactly as they’d come off the course! Camera still rolling, he looked confused for a moment and then we just couldn’t hold it together anymore. Laughter, gasping for air laughter, holding your sides laughter, filled the room . . . in that moment Dad knew he’d been had . . . Mom finally got him!!

Once we were able to contain ourselves we rolled out the new clubs with a ‘stop snooping around at Christmas’ warning! But this is still one of my favorite Christmas memories ever . . .

One of my dad’s favorite holiday treats was peanut brittle and my mom would make a batch (or two) every year at Christmas; I’m sure he would enjoy this Spicy Asian Brittle . . . a perfect balance of sweet and salty with just the right amount of heat. We made this at Thanksgiving to nibble on and there wasn’t even a sesame seed left!


  1. Girl! This is just lovely, AND spicy…just the way we like it around my house ;D

  2. Holey Moley that sounds out of this world! Must make this now!

  3. Oh, what a fantastic memory!!! I couldn’t help but chuckle, good for you guys finally tricking your dad 🙂

    As for the brittle, SO appropriate. I wish I had a handful right now.

  4. This just went on my “must make” list for next week. And the week after that too. YUM!

    Wish I could see that old movie. Sounds like a hoot!

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