A few weeks ago I asked Smith Bites Facebook fans to tell me what, if anything, freaked them out about cooking on Thanksgiving . . . outside of worrying about no leftovers, people said ‘making the pesky gravy’ was their number one fear . . . so for anyone with ‘gravy phobia’ we’ve put together this very short ‘how-to’ video on how to make a simple roasted gravy . . .

There are many ways to make a gravy but I find this is probably the easiest to make and has great flavor but you can also use this same method with the turkey drippings from your roasting pan. Once your turkey has finished cooking, remove from roasting pan to rest and skim off as much fat as possible (or use a fat separator if you have one) then pick up the recipe at step 7. Give me a holler if you get stuck!


  1. Wow..will make the gravy for my veggies..minus the stock and the wings 😉

  2. That’s so interesting that gravy freaks people out. I’ve made it only once, but that’s because I don’t cook meat. But there was one year my mom wasn’t feeling well and I ended up doing 90 percent of the meal, including the turkey and gravy. I was amazed by how easy it was.

    Great post and, as always, a lovely video. And HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  3. I think after making gravy for decades it’s easy to forget how intimidating it was at one time. I’m sure many will appreciate your tutorial Deb. I’m making both a smoked and a deep fried turkey so gravy this year is a thing all on it’s own so I might try the oven roasting method myself!

  4. Yes! I’m terrified of making gravy. However, you, as always, make it seem so easy. I will be using this recipe next year! Thank you for sharing, sweet friend. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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