We’re back with another Thanksgiving Table video and this time, we give a nod to the kid in all of us . . . we also need to give a very special shout-out to a good friend who designed and created the cookies you see this year – we absolutely love them!

If you’re interested in using some of these ideas, here’s some of what you’ll need and sourcing:

  1. Tablecloth: I love it when something unexpected happens . . . like these cotton drapes from Ikea that have been turned into the tablecloth this year; we like the graphic element it adds to our theme . . . quilts, long pieces of inexpensive fabric, pretty sheets, white or brown butcher paper would also work. Obviously, you want to use things that are a ‘no biggie’ if a glass of wine or punch gets spilled
  2. Candles: I burn candles year-round and most come in glass containers; when the scented candle is gone, I wash and store the container so I have several to use in masses on large table settings like this one – I don’t use tapers or ‘open-flame’ candles when I have children at the table and keep the candles limited to votives that set down inside; this lessens the chance of someone getting burned reaching across the top of a taller candle.  And always be sure to use  unscented candles on your food table.
  3. Cookies:  As I said in the opener, when I called Gail of OneToughCookie to ask about designing our cookies this year, she took the ball and ran with it . . . we are thrilled!! You could make your own cookies using any fall-like cutter and adding the names of your guests.
  4. Antique Tops and Toys: My brother-in-law has collected these for many years but look around your house and use ‘collections’ you might already have: legos, jacks, dominoes, pick-up sticks, miniature tea sets . . . anything that might fit the size, scale and theme of your own table.
  5. Edible Fruit:  In keeping with our theme, we went with green and red seedless grapes and small Seckle pears; you might use persimmons, kumquats, crab apples, satsuma oranges. And if you don’t have cake stands, simply place them in bowls – they’ll be just as delicious!

We planned dinner so that food was passed and then set off on a side buffet, leaving the table open giving a sense of spaciousness without feeling crowded by overflowing dishes – we have really enjoyed this setup these last couple of years.

One last note: don’t forget the real reason we gather together during times of celebration . . . while having a pretty table is nice and can be fun, the day is really about the relationships . . . families . . . friends . . . because at the end of the day, people are what celebrations are about . . .

If you’ve missed last year’s table piece, you can view it here.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I hope you guys had a happy Thanksgiving. I always love your videos!!! (and those cookies are adorable!)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I love that you have cookies on your table:)

  3. Thank you for giving me several wonderfully peaceful moments! Your voice is so soothing and the whole atmosphere calming and inviting. You are so talented, my dear friend! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Great table! Happy Thanksgiving! to you all!

  5. Love the child like theme and the idea of using Ikea drapes for the tablecloth. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving full of more memories.

  6. Oh, Deb! What a magical Thanksgiving table you’ve set this year. I love everything single thing about it. It is just perfect.

  7. Such a beautiful video filled with inspiration, love and magic for the holidays! xxoo

  8. Deb I just love this!! Your table is adorable, the cookies are amazing, and your video was just so so fun to watch. Loved hearing your voice 🙂

  9. Always enjoy your videos. Would love to share a table with you soon!

  10. This is beautiful Debra! Love the video and really gets me in the mood for the holiday! Very creative.

  11. Ohhhhh – can’t wait! What a lovely video!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving to you both 🙂 I loved the video – wishing you warmth and peace for this holiday.

  13. Love the table & everything that goes with it! Gail’s cookies are spot on (she is so incredibly talented *love* Miss Gail) and the relaxed inviting atmosphere is just so inviting. Happy Thanksgiving sweet friends. Wishing you both a most blessed day. xo

  14. I love you and your talent. This was such a fun thing to listen to and watch on a Sunday evening. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving, xo. I’m thankful to know you.

  15. Love the table. Wish our Thanksgiving was coming up, instead of long over. Love the vidoes! Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Professor!

  16. LOVE your Thanksgiving table….it speaks to the kid in all of us. So whimsical, yet so elegant.

    Thank you for letting me be a small part of this beautiful scene.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, the Professor and your family! xoxo

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