I am a butter lover . . . not quite in the same league as a certain Paula or Ina but I think it’s safe to say I could give them a run for their money . . . I’ll leave it up to you to decide if that’s good or bad . . .

My refrigerator is always well stocked with plenty of unsalted butter and I keep a few sticks tucked away in my freezer as well (for biscuits and scones!); but as anyone who has tried to spread a pat of stick butter across a slice of soft bread knows, the results are . . . shall we say, less than perfect. And that is where Kerrygold comes in because they now have two new spreadable butters on the market – Kerrygold Naturally Softer Pure Irish Butter and Kerrygold Reduced Fat butter which has 25 percent less fat and 50 percent less sodium.

No need to roll your eyes at the reduced fat butter . . . no seriously, side-by-side-taste-tests conducted here in the Smith Bites kitchen revealed surprising results – we couldn’t tell which was which!! Additionally, the reduced fat spreadable butter has no additives meaning . . . well, no additives . . . no oils, no chemicals, no preservatives . . . zip, zilch, nada . . . how do they do it?  A proprietary process makes their softer milkfat into a spreadable butter.

By now you can deduce that we’ve been asked by Kerrygold to help spread the word (sorry, couldn’t resist) about these new butters and in fact, Kerrygold is holding a contest amongst several bloggers to come up with usage ideas. And of course we’d like to win but I will also state that if we didn’t use this product and believe in the quality of this product, you wouldn’t be reading this post . . . enough said . . . now on to the recipes!

Our second recipe might seem simple enough and it absolutely is . . . however, method, the type of bread used as well as the cinnamon-to-sugar ratio is critical to the success of The Professor’s legendary cinnamon toast. I guess we should fess up and say that this is really ‘Big D’s’ (The Professor’s dad) recipe that he always made for The Professor when he was a little guy – thanks Dad!

Official Disclosure: Kerrygold provided us with their Naturally Softer Pure Irish Butter and Reduced Fat Irish Butter to use in developing these tips as part of this contest.  The opinions expressed here are strictly our own.



  1. I have never seen the KerryGold spreadable butter. Will now be on the lookout. I {heart} butter, too!!!

  2. All of this bread, butter, sweet and savory is making me very, very hungry before bed 🙂

  3. Great post! You make the simple seem so exotic! Guess who had broiler
    cinnamon toast for breakfast this morning.

  4. I have been making the same ham sandwiches with that mixture for years Deb…strange coincidence that the other day I was wishing I knew where it came from and I know it’s a church or Junior League cookbook of some sort. The old fashioned way of how recipes spread from one part of the country to another!

    I can attest to how wonderful they are…another great use of Kerrygold spreadable butters for sure.

  5. Ohmygosh DEB!! This post has my poor belly GROWLING…

    Okay, not so much growling as inciting a riot because I’ve not fed it yet this morning. I really need to see if I can find Kerrygold around here!!

  6. My mom always made “hot ham and cheese” sandwiches just like that! I still do, in fact–a comfort food from childhood. I love the use of the pretzel buns, too.

    The toast–I didn’t think you could improve good old cinnamon toast, but it looks like you guys have found a way. Lovely!

  7. So I’m going to the store now, at 8pm, to buy some butter. Thank you.

  8. My belly is growling, I need one of those ham sandwiches with some cinnamon toast for dessert. Love what you did with the Kerrygold butter! They are something!

  9. Oh Deb – that sammie is calling me something fierce!! Wow. Yum. And any other word that describes this deliciousness!! Great post. 🙂


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