52 sundays; november 27, 2011

‘Twas the week of Thanksgiving and not a single thing was ready . . . but the sun was about to rise . . . still in our pajamas, we grabbed the cameras, jumped in the car and headed down the road . . .

The Professor was armed with his Canon 60D, I had my iPhone and while the photos from the 60D are great, I find that I also quite like the iPhone pics as well; obviously not the same quality as the ‘big’ camera but still nice nonetheless . . .

Happy Sunday!


  1. Just lovely pictures. Usually my photographs don’t do nights like this justice…but yours? Well they look just amazing. Thank you for sharing, dear friend.

  2. Beautiful shots — never underestimate the power of iphone 😉

  3. I am loving shooting pics with my phone, editing and playing with the colors!! great shots, both!!

  4. Just lovely. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you.

  5. Nice way to start the day, I say.

  6. I don’t know whose are whose, but I liked them all!

  7. A beautiful sunrise shown in stunning photos

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