52 sundays

52 sundays; october 9, 2011

I am officially on the hunt . . .

I’ve been bitten by the stemware bug . . . beautiful stemware from which you sip beautiful cocktails . . . more about said cocktails in a future post but for now suffice it to say that I’ve visited more Etsy and antique shops looking for vintage glassware in the past month than I’ve visited in my lifetime . . .

it’s become an obsession and I may need an intervention . . .

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Perhaps I can help a little with your obsession! I will be posting some stemware on my Etsy in the morning. Check in!

I love it too-all vintage glass-I get the satisfaction of passing it on to others who will love it & hopefully have more room than I do!

[…] Somehow, the folks organizing the Full On Oregon trip were able to telepathically pick out which ones of us might make up the rowdy bunch…and then sent all of us off together to The Rum Club to talk about cocktails. By talk about cocktails, I mean drink cocktails. Led by Brandon Wise of Beaker & Flask, our group learned about locally produced spirits, Alpine-influenced twists on classic drinks, the proper way to make a cocktail….and a bunch of other stuff I don’t remember after the cocktails. I do remember asking a lot of questions, having a ton of fun, and swooning over their collection of vintage stemware. […]

I’m already there Deb. Since I started the Happy Hour Friday section on my blog and make a new cocktail each week; it’s not just stemware but coasters, picks, cocktail napkins and more. The craziest part is I was looking for something in my bar and now see some of those and go…OMG…props! I fear I will soon wish I had put the bar into what used to be the dining room and is now called a photo studio!

this is toooo funny. i scored some sweet deals on a few sets of vintage stemware and was going to send you an email photo. totally thought of you this morning 🙂 hope you and your tooth are on the mend! xoxo

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