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I am thrilled with the entries we’ve had for The Barn Project and we’re getting ready to name our first winner tomorrow; in the meantime take a peek at the finalists for the month of August and feel free to shout out your favorites! Don’t forget, winner each month will receive a $25 gift card from Smith Bites and winning photos are being collected for a calendar that will be sold with all proceeds going to charity . . . enjoy!

by Marc4577

by cecedon

by H2Mama

by JMSauck

by jbondbull

by Karene_1953

Aren’t these just beautiful?



  1. They ARE beautiful! Good luck to the contestants!

  2. These are just gorgeous! Don’t know how you’ll be able to narrow it down to just one winner.

  3. I’m in love with the patchwork barn and the one in the snow has a magical feel to it. I think all of these barns are gorgeous …what a sweet calendar project for charity.:)

  4. Oh wow… I have a thing for barns. My dad is an appraiser and takes photos of them as he travels around upstate New York. I love that you’re showing them all to us to enjoy from around the world.

  5. The barn project is just unbelievable! These photos are stunning 🙂

  6. These photos are so beautiful and inspiring! I am in love!

  7. I love the roof on the first one but in truth I love them all; every one has such character. Nice project Deb.

  8. I must run down to the Pottery Barn and get you a photo! GREG

  9. Makes me miss my grandpa’s farm from long ago.

  10. All of these are just gorgeous! Love barns!

  11. Wow – some gorgeous gorgeous barns!

  12. Just gorgeous. I have a thing for barns too! I’m diggin the first one! Love the roof!

  13. The roof on that first one reminds me of a quilt! so pretty!

  14. They are absolutely beautiful! I would love to go spend the afternoon with a quilt and a picnic by them (well, not the one that has snow on the ground while it has snow on the ground). I can just imagine all of the goodies you’d find plundering around in them.

    Gorgeous, Debra. I can’t wait to see more!

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