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I made these Vietnamese-Coffee Cupcakes about a year ago and I’ve had visions of them dancing in my head ever since . . . like crack-cocaine, these are completely addictive!! Needless-to-say, The Professor and I have no-problemo finishing a batch of these babies off by ourselves!

Having had no experience with Vietnamese cooking, I wasn’t sure what made this particular recipe ‘Vietnamese’ . . . little cakes which are glazed and frosted with a mixture of cream, sweetened condensed milk and espresso. A call out to Twitter and I had my answer: Kim tweeted back ‘the Viet people have a VERY strong French influence. The espresso/condensed milk is a true Viet concoction.’

The cake is a sponge-type of cake – made light and airy by whipping the egg whites before adding the yolks; the flour is sifted and gently folded into the batter before pouring into liners and baked. Glazed and then frosted, these are ‘regular’ size – meaning not those gargantuan-sized cupcakes that would feed a Third-world country. No, these are a smaller, 3-4 bite cupcake layered with a sweet/espresso flavor that is perfect for those times when you just need ‘a little sweet somethin’ . . .

And as hot as it is right now, I’d enjoy them with an iced coffee . . . but if I were feeling naughty and a little bit decadent . . . I might enjoy them with a scoop of ice cream . . . don’t you want to lick the screen right about now??


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  1. I couldn’t find espresso powder. Can I substitute it with instant coffee?

  2. Dear Debra, I want to make this cupcake for my husband to bring to work and enjoy with his coleagues. I already made the cupcakes ahead of time, but did not want to brush the glaze on the night before, would the glaze make the cake soggy if I brushed it too early? I will finish the frosting in the morning before he goes to work:).

    thank you for your help and your recipe

    • Thanks so much for your question – I don’t think the glaze will make the cakes soggy unless you really soak it on; if in doubt, I would probably wait until the morning right before you frost them – but I think you’d be fine glazing tonight and frosting tomorrow. Let me know how they turn out!

  3. Those look most amazing. I need to try a Thai Iced tea version…

  4. these look fantastic!

  5. Oh my goodness! Those coffee cupcakes sound absolutely amazing and have my mouth watering! I’d love for you to stop by for the recipe swap I host every Wedesnday to show off a few of your best recipes. Have a blessed day! 🙂


  6. Wow, wow, wow!

  7. This totaaaaaally looks addictive. I have bookmarked this recipe!

  8. These sound simply heavenly. I must have one!

    I hope you’ll stop by and share this recipe with Sweet Tooth Friday.

  9. Yes, as a matter of fact, I *do* want to lick the screen right now. I have my coffee concentrate in the fridge and oh, how I would love TWO of these to go with my iced coffee in the morning!

  10. Lovely! Hope you are doing well and having a terrific summer!

  11. Want to try these with my late morning coffee. What a lovely venue for caffeine. The frosting just wraps itself around my sugar cravings and calls out “make these”.

  12. What a perfect “light” recipe for the summer. I’m just so into cupcakes right now too. You gotta love summertime!

  13. These sound amazing!! I could pretty much eat anything topped with sweetened condensed milk frosting…well, maybe not anything..but DEFINITELY these cupcakes!!

  14. I think *I* a feeling a bit naughty. Ice cream it is!

  15. These are beautiful – indeed that frosting has me wanting to lick my screen!

  16. Love these. Spongey little cakes with a caffeine buzz! How utterly perfect!

  17. wow these are fun love Vietnamese coffee

  18. I need to do them A.S.A.P!. Is the 1/2 cup Flour correct? I’d use bigger quantity
    flour with 3 eggs.


    • Hi Silvia ~ the amount of flour is correct; the cupcake itself is more like a sponge cake, less dense than your usual cupcake. The yolks are separated and the whites whipped and then the flour is folded into the batter. These really are to die for!!

      Thanks for the question – enjoy!

  19. Oh that just jumps right off the screen.

  20. Yes. I do want to lick the screen…but I would be much happier with licking my fingers after I ate one…or 3…of these things instead.

  21. I love * anything* coffee…but I especially LOVE sweet treats made with coffee! Yum!

  22. Drooling over here … The cake alone sounds perfect, and the icing take it over the top.

  23. I so want to lick this screen right now but i will do the next best thing and make them this afternoon!

  24. Yes I do want to lick the screen! I used to love Vietnamese coffee.

  25. Ya…am already licking the screen 🙂 Mmmm…love that cinnamon dust on the cupcakes.

  26. Oh, Deb – these are positively evil. I can imagine snacking on some of these on a lazy afternoon.

  27. These do look incredibly addictive, though I bet I would be more than satisfied with just a heaping spoon of the glaze.

  28. OMG this look so good and what a coincidence though not a dessert just made a Vietnamese marinade for dinner tomorrow. Sitting overnight in the fridge!

  29. These would certainly not last long here either. Used to frequent a Vietnamese restaurant that served iced coffee like this. Cupcakes would be unbelievable!

    • Marla ~ i know you don’t do the whole sugar thing and i totally get it . . . but these are the bees knees!!

  30. They look delicious

  31. I think I made these last year…and I did love them. But right now Deb; that icing is the thing doing it for me. I could make it and sit down with a bowl and a spoon. Yes, I could. I won’t but I could.

  32. Mike would flip over these! He LOVES Vietnamese coffee. Now I’m gonna have to bake him a batch of these cupcakes!

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