You are in for a treat because July 7th was World Chocolate Day – who knew?   To celebrate, Debra and I tried to think of something chocolate to make and share with everyone.  But, I was torn.  I’ve been anxious to share a video that we shot last summer with head brewer Caleb Staton of Upland Brewing Co. in Bloomington, Indiana; in fact, their Wheat Ale was one of the first Indiana beers Debra tried several years ago, and we’ve both been fans every since – check out my Shandy post.

So, how could I possibly combine World Chocolate Day with a beer post??  Well this book came to the rescue with a recipe for a Chocolate Ice Cream with beer – and it absolutely rocks!

The only substitution I made was in swapping out the Guinness Stout for Upland Brewing Company’s Bad Elmer’s Porter.  Stout and porter beers are the same thing: dark, rich, malty and even chocolatey – so this beer makes the perfect ingredient for chocolate ice cream.  The beer is subtle and enhances the chocolate, giving it a deep, bold and rich flavor.  It adds that extra certain little something that makes you want to go back for more . . . like I need more motivation . . . Debra, who admittedly isn’t a big chocolate ice cream person, was even ‘oohing and ahhing’ over this one.

So, enjoy the video.  Go make this ice cream.  And, hey – happy World Chocolate Day!

-The Prof



  1. This is a favorite at our house too, especially with my husband!

  2. I swear that I can just taste that gorgeous creamy, cold bowl of deliciousness at this very moment. Hopefully the calories won’t count?

  3. oh my word, deb (and the professor)…this looks divine. we are entertaining for several guests over the next week and i am *so* making this. <3

  4. You seriously just made the world a better place. 🙂

  5. p.s. the ice cream has my name all over it – can’t wait to try it.

  6. Wow, Debra the video is absolutely amazing, you and the Prof are so talented, I love the feel you bring out in your videos, you make me want to know more about the company and the people behind it.

  7. What an interesting use of stout! I guess the alcohol content does not get in the way of freezing? Your ice cream looks perfect!

  8. I can’t believe we bought an ice cream maker in December and still haven’t opened the box! To be quite honest, I don’t even know where that box is! Looks like we’re a little late to World Chocolate Day, but we’ll still tab this for future use… whenever we find that maker.


  9. It’s a Saturday night. And all I want in the whole wide world is to come to your house and have chocolate ice cream with beer in it.

  10. OOOOOhh….I want some, too! Fabulous, Deb!!!!

  11. Looking good. Gives me a kick on the patoot to churn some more ice cream. Funny I just made coffee ice cream recently from same book from a recipe I found online. Only thing S doesn’t like coffee (yay for me as a parent) so this chocolate one will be perfect minus the alcohol, maybe.

  12. In theory I love this idea. But I know me, the minute I opened that porter it would never make it to the bowl. GREG

  13. Upland is one of my favorite brewing companies! Definitely going to have to make this ice cream very soon =)

  14. That is one great looking dish of chocolate ice cream! I have some stout in the fridge so will be substituting that. I used it to make a chocolate cake so I know firsthand how great stout and chocolate are together.
    Good job!

  15. Loved this! We have a craft brewer that makes a fantastic chocolate porter beer so this ice cream sounds amazing. I love the flavour possibilities and it’s a natural fit, as far as I’m concerned. Also, really dug the video. I’ve been fortunate enough to tour breweries all over the world and this one would be on my list. The brew master is genuine and passionate. Thanks!

  16. Nice flavor combo in this ice cream. Count me in for a few scoops 🙂

  17. This combination sounds heavenly! I can’t wait to taste it.

  18. I have only used beer in cupcakes (Guinness). This ice cream looks rich and decadent. A must try for sure!

  19. I’ve been wanting to try a chocolate and beer combo with cake but never thought about it with ice cream. Good thinking Prof.

  20. I’ve always wanted to try this with chocolate. I have a Guinness ice cream recipe around here, somewhere, that we did try once & loved. Always thought it would be better with chocolate. So tempting!

  21. Oh my goodness gracious. Beer + chocolate + ice cream? Does it get any better that THAT?!? I’ll have to make this the next time my dad visits…if not before…you know, just to test it. 😉

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  23. Three cheers for Indiana beer! One of my favorite things about living here — the microbrewery scene is somewhat unparalleled. Have you guys tried Flat 12?

    Also, I don’t know where I’d be in this world without The Perfect Scoop!

  24. You continue to impress Professor. Boozy ice cream!!!

  25. There is a locally owned ice cream shop that makes an ice cream much like this; I took a gamble on it once, actually expecting that I would not like it but I was curious…and so pleasantly surprised. Great flavor combination!

  26. YUM! This sounds awesome! And I love that it involves porter. I have a bottle already ready to go!

  27. Beer and Chocolate! Magical. And Happy World Chocolate Day to you too!

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