Musical pairing – Snake Man by The Doobie Brothers

The Professor here, again for what is becoming a regular “feature” on Smith Bites about beer.

I have a brother who travels the world for the work he does, and gets to experience different cultures and cuisines on a regular basis.  Over the 4th of July weekend, he was telling me about a trip he made to Singapore.  The group of Americans he was with wanted to go to an Irish Pub. (In Singapore?…really?)   My brother is one of these guys who would rather experience the local foods of the places he visits.   But, he was hungry and didn’t want to be difficult.

He figures he is in a pseudo-pub, so he’ll order a pub-style drink:  the Snakebite.  And while it wasn’t on the drink menu, its two ingredients were.   I don’t know if this is the case nationwide, but in this restaurant, a special order was not very common.  The waiter was apprehensive, but still wanted to be hospitable to his guest.   After my brother described the Snakebite, the waiter nervously shuffled off to share the strange concoction from this strange American with the bartender.  My brother got his Snakebite, and I’m sure the waiter got a nice tip.

The Snakebite is another type of shandy beer cocktail composed of equal parts lager style beer (amber or dark)  and hard cider.  (not on ice, however).  The cider adds as sweetness and mellows the bitterness of the lager.  In fact, the cider makes the lager very easy to drink.  I’ve even read that some bartenders in the UK refuse to serve them because patrons drink them too quickly and get too intoxicated.  That is never our goal here at Smith Bites; drink responsibly and never, ever drink and drive! However, something cool and tasty to accompany a nice summer dinner at home is definitely our goal.

Debra and I recently tried to order one of these at a local restaurant here in the States, and they wouldn’t mix it for us.  We are not exactly sure why because both ingredients were on tap.  We just ordered one each of hard cider and lager and mixed it ourselves at the table.  It really is quite smooth and refreshing.  So whether home, abroad, or at your favorite restaurant, consider giving the Snakebite a try.




  1. One of my favorite beer drinks! I always order it at Irish Pub’s and we make them often at home! Great photos!

  2. Totally in love with those pictures.
    That is strange that they wouldn’t mix you the drink, but I think it sounds fab!

  3. Such gorgeous photos!

  4. Wish I liked hard cider. On the other hand, I might just give this a try someday anyway because the photos are gorgeous. 🙂 I’m thoroughly enjoying your posts, Professor!

  5. There is a pub in our town that has this on the menu. I’m trying it next time we go!!!

  6. I adore the name, but you know me and beer. We don’t like each other. 🙁

  7. Fun seeing life from the prof’s point of view. The Snakebite looks like a great brew 😉

  8. Ooo, the husband would love to check this post out 🙂

  9. I don’t like snakes, but I may like this.

  10. Grrrrr…. still flummoxed by that unyielding bartender! ; /

  11. I had this in London and loved, loved, loved it! I wonder why I earth they aren’t common here? Thanks for reminding me about them 🙂

  12. Love hard cider….never tried with beer but I am game. Reminds me of an old college song, “Drink beer, drink beer….won’t you come drink beer with me.” Giggles

  13. I was introduced to this yummy concoction at an Irish pub in college. Love it!! Sad that place wouldn’t mix it for you, weird!

    I have never thought to make these at home! (duh!)

    We love good beer in our home…keep the posts coming 🙂

  14. Yum! We get something like this at the Highland Games (with hard cider and ale)and just call them a “half and half”. Very drinkable!

  15. Great post! The photographs truly made me thirsty and gave me the longing to be in a pub. Perfect! 🙂

  16. One of my fav versions of this is served in an irish pub in College Station.

    The lager is something that has a grim reaper on the tap pull and it’s combined with Ace Pear Cider.

    it’s delightful.


  17. Yes I will take one of these please! How perfect does that look with this absurdly humid weather we are having!

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