52 sundays; july 17, 2011

I have this thing about barns . . . old barns, new barns, round barns, black barns . . . and especially barn homes built with reclaimed timber; I’d like to live in a barn home some day on about 5 acres of land. We’d have a large Koi pond, several fruit trees, grape arbors and gardens full of fresh vegetables and beautiful pergolas and plants . . . maybe some day . . .

But for now, I’ll just take photographs of the ones I come across while traveling around with The Professor and share them with you . . .

This barn is actually just up the road from where we live now; vegetation has all but taken it over, but here she sits, right next to the road. We don’t know who the barn belongs to but we must have driven past it 100 times before noticing her standing there; now I watch for her whenever we travel that way . . . oh the stories she could tell . . .



  1. I came across your post about barns. I do love barns too. We are trying to do just what you were talking about right now; build a house from reclaimed beams. We spent last winter dismantling it and are trying to find someone to help us re-design the beams into a smaller house. The pictures from us tearing it down are here. bit.ly/QZGqiu
    Beautiful red barn by the way!

  2. There’s just something that draws me to a barn! You would have LOVED the one at #bsp2 just stunning!

  3. Debra, like you I love them too… the older the better… in times like this I wish I studied architecture in order to be building house out of restored barns…

  4. I know a couple that build their whole house out of re-claimed barn wood. I’ll have to go by and snap a photo to send your way. 🙂

  5. I love this barn. The weathered red is something only time can create.

    I’m thinkin’ ’bout the cows, the chickens, goats… stray mice. There might be some wee little occupants in there TODAY! 🙂


  6. This is the kind of barn you’d see in a movie – but better b/c it’s real. I love how it’s overgrown with the surrounding vegetation.

  7. I love barns as well.. just not the one from the Ring.. EEK! lol

  8. We have quite a bit barns all around the Carolinas! Love especially deep red ones!
    Lovely pictures, Debra!

  9. I am also a barn lover, there are so many on our monthly rides to Cleveland. This one is a beauty!

  10. Lovely old barns are not something we see a lot of in South Florida! 🙂 But everytime I visit Michigan, I love finding them in unexpected places.

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