I will cut to the chase and just say, if you don’t already have this book and you’re the least bit interested in food photography, Plate to Pixel should be on your ‘must have’ list. As a newbie to the world of photography, I tend to look at my camera more with fear and trepidation than I do with assurance and confidence . . . although I do love my camera and getting goods photos for Smith Bites is really important.  And honestly, with Plate to Pixel, getting a great shot is within your reach!

I am very fortunate to call Helene Dujardin friend, and I’ve also been fortunate to see her in action as she walked a group of us through two of her sessions: the first teaching us about light and how to use it, the second was in styling a shot – props to use, how to use color and then again reinforcing how you can use light to your advantage. Helene’s writing has a way of putting you at ease, encourages you from the pages she’s written and it’s almost as if she’s standing over your shoulder walking you through each step.

And the best part? She’s nice. She’s generous. Ask her a question on twitter and she’ll answer it; send her an email asking for pointers and she’ll tell you the truth . . . I speak from experience. Want proof of her talent? Head over to her gorgeous blog, Tartelette, and take a look at her photos – every single photo is stunning.

I want you to enjoy the book as much as I do – so I’m giving away a copy of Plate to Pixel, plus a set of the diffusers Helene recommended at her workshop – at my own expense. I purchased a set these diffusers for myself and have used them for nearly every shot I’ve taken since they arrived – they’re terrific!  And when I contacted Helene to let her know I was doing this giveaway, she graciously said she wants to send the winner a free 8×10 print of one of her photos – I told you she was nice!!

TO ENTER: leave me a comment and answer this question: ‘What do you love about photography?’

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One winner will receive a copy of Plate to Pixel plus a set of diffusers and an 8×10 print of one of Helene’s photos; comments will be accepted until midnight Tuesday, June 14, 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time. Winner will be chosen by and notified by email so be sure I have an email address (which will not be published – DO NOT leave email addy in comment section – just make sure you list it in your contact info). Winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

This giveaway is open to anyone with a US mailing address.



  1. I love photography’s (–digital photography that is, ’cause I’m in my 40’s and grew up on analog and film–)IMMEDIACY. A quick snap of the shutter shows you what you SEE, not what you think you see. Invaluable for design, and incidentally for showing your son the bed-head he cannot see in the mirror before school!

  2. Newbie? Hardly–you’re on my “study-to-learn” list of photographers! This is definitely going on my Amazon wishlist…

  3. What I like about photography is the way that good photographs reveal something about the photographer. It would be easy to think that photos in the still life genre do not do this, but look carefully enough, and it’s clear that one person’s apple is not the next person’s apple.

  4. Food is my passion and photos are my medium for sharing that with the world!

    *I know I live in Canada so that precludes me but I would be willing to pay the extra shipping fees ; )

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  7. I would have to say that I’ve fallen in love with taking pictures.There is just something so magical that takes place when I capture a moment in time or the *energy* of an object or place or person that sends shivers up & down my spine. It’s like all is right in the world, like a 6th sense takes over and creates a harmony like I’ve never experienced. Sometimes I even feel tears well up in my eyes as I find that sweet spot of light. It’s captivating. I’m so thankful for all I’ve learned this past year and I am so hungry to learn more.

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