52 sundays; PIZZA PIZZA

This 52 sundays’ post is a little bit different because my dear friend Brian asked me to guest post for him while he is away on vacation; I am not a fool to turn down an opportunity to guest post for one of my very favorite people in the world – so I immediately said OF COURSE!  For Brian I have pulled out this oh-so-easy but delicious Balsamic, Onion and Goat Cheese Pizza . . . it makes my mouth water just thinking about it . . . and, it’s a Mario Batali recipe . . . yep . . . that Mario Batali . . .

You certainly know by now that pizza is sort of a big deal here at Smith Bites – and this pizza delivers. Head on over to Brian’s to get the recipe . . . oh, and be sure to say, ‘Debra says ‘hey!’ . . . no, not really . . . you should actually say ‘hey’!


  1. Saw this post over at Brian’s site… LOVE it! I just adore when my favorite blogs collide… Love you both, and looking forward to seeing you again at BSP 🙂

  2. I love Brian. I love you. Perfect combo!

  3. Lovely guest post, Debra!

  4. Gorgeous, Deb. I’ll be heading over to Brian’s to check this out.

  5. The pizza looks so tasty!

  6. You speak my language with this pizza! Love it! And my girls will love it, too!

  7. Right up there with my favorites; I haven’t had a red sauce pizza with sausages of any type for years…this is so my style!

  8. I already left Bria message. two of my faves teaming up. I was drooling last night just past midnight and now wish to have a slice for lunch. J&S are in Rochmond for a soccer game and I am here alone w/no lunch plans in site:(. Gimme a slice! (please) lol

  9. Those onions are calling my name! I’m on my way over, too!

  10. Lovely! I’m all about the pizza. Going to bop over to Brian’s to say, “hey!”

  11. Looks so delicious-I am on my way over!

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