52 sundays; june 26, 2011

The Professor and I both enjoy gardening; we not only grow vegetables and have several pots of herbs, tomatoes, and a variety of lettuces and kale, we also have fruit trees, a small strawberry patch and raspberry bushes.

But one of our favorite spaces in the yard is our pond area . . .

The koi seem to like it too . . . they have grown from little bitty 3-inch .79 cent/fish from PetSmart into these beauties . . .

Last year, they were so happy, the orange koi and the black and orange koi had babies; So The Professor scooped up the babies and took them down to the neighbor’s pond. He thought he had gotten them all but this year we discovered one baby had escaped so now there are three koi in the pond.

This is the third or fourth frog to take up residence and we have no idea where they come from or how they find us but every year one shows up.

Our pond is a beautiful, captivating place that gives us a reason to stop and just be . . .

Where is your favorite place to just be?


  1. Amazing pictures showing the beautiful creations of God. Thanks so much for this marvelous share.

  2. There’s a cove at the beach that I’ve been going to (by myself) at least one day each summer since 1999. It’s a place where I quietly reflect on my past, think about my present and make predictions for the future. For me, very few things in life surpass the sounds of ocean waves and chirping birds… muddled with salted air and breezy weather.

    …and the pond… did you guys build that yourselves? Gorgeous!


  3. Your pond seems like such a peaceful place to be – beautiful photos! We have frogs on our pond and the kids used to love catching and releasing them back to the pond. I love just sitting outside on my back patio – so peaceful and beautiful.

  4. What a beautiful photo!

  5. Aw Debra, you got one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. truly magical. Looking through th ephotographs makes me light up. Just wonderful! The water lilies, koi, fruit trees and vegetables, all make me want to come and vist. What is the name of the red flower it escaped me?

  6. sippitysup

    I have a little fish pond too and know the beauty it can provide. GREG

  7. so pretty deb! the perfect place to sit with a cup of coffee.

  8. I adore your whole garden and pond. How relaxing that must be!

  9. Debra,

    Because we live in an urban area, open spaces are rare and are usually extremely public. I take great delight in visiting spaces like yours via postings like this.

  10. Your pond is lovely. Though mine really is more of a water feature so that I don’t have to deal with fish or plants, I still love the soothing sound of the water cascading onto itself…I do find a great deal of solace from that space too.

    My entire backyard is my place of solace. It’s a beautiful space filled with plants, color, herbs…all my favorite things. Plus the pond. Ahhh…..

    • We thought the same thing about our water feature (no fish, etc.) – until we heard a frog plop in one night. And we live in the desert! You never know…

      Love the photos and the post, Debra!

  11. Now I wish I had a pond area! 🙂

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