52 sundays; may 1, 2011

Today is May 1st and before I say, ‘How in the world did that happen?’ I’m also going to tell you that today is also May Day – the day I used to fantasize about as a child because I had read stories depicting beautifully dressed children dancing around the Maypole and someone, a girl one would presume, would be crowned as ‘Queen of May’ . . . and well . . . I always wanted to be Queen . . . but there was a tiny little problem in that I was also a tomboy and therefore, did not fancy itchy dresses with white petticoats, lacy white ankle socks and black patent-leather shoes . . . and seriously, where on earth would one get a pole that tall with ribbons wrapped barbershop style . . . and how on earth would one place said pole in the ground . . . and please explain to the 8-year-old red-headed girl how that pole would stay upright while children danced around it holding those ribbons???  But I digress . . .

There was also the tradition of gathering a basket of sweet smelling flowers and leave them anonymously on your neighbor’s doorstep . . . and since it would be impossible for me to visit each of you in person with a basket of flowers, I will share these beautiful Wood Poppies we have growing in our garden. Don’t you just love the bright yellow color against that vibrant green?

Even though the Wood-Poppy is native to the Eastern US, we hadn’t seen one until we visited our Cincinnati family a couple of years ago; on one of our trips, my brother-in-law dug up a clump and sent it home with us. We’ve planted it in an area that is full shade and the poppy has now grown almost three times its size and is quite stunning in the spring. It sits between two purple rhododendrons and when both bloom at the same time, it’s quite a sight to behold.

We’ll be harvesting some of the seed pods in the next month or so and starting more Wood-Poppies to spread throughout our other gardens. Happy May Day . . . and dance around the Maypole if you get a chance . . . you never know, you may just be crowned ‘Queen of May’ . . . but really, how do they keep that Maypole upright???




  1. Beautiful poppy!!!

    Agree – where on earth did the first 4 months go? I’m still trying to get through my queue of winter recipes, and WHAM – here comes Spring…. er, Summer! (almost)

    Idea: Trade poppy seeds? 🙂 I would LOVE to have one of those in my garden. I could give you some California poppy seeds… see if they’ll grow?


  2. Beautiful and delicate flowers. I like the anonymous flower donations and think it would be fun to do one of these days. None of my flowers seem to be blooming by May 1. Maybe I could pick my neighbor’s flowers and then leave them in a basket at her door? Somehow I don’t think that would have the same sentiment to it! Thanks for this lovely post!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen wood poppies before! LOVE the yellow…so pretty & happy! Happy May!

  4. I never read the May Day story. I love it and need to look it up to read to my kiddos. Your flowers are beautiful!!!

  5. Lovely! I’m inspired to get out into the garden!

  6. Oh happy days indeed. Beautiful yellow Wood Poppy’s. I have been loving the Spring flowers 🙂

  7. so pretty and refreshing! I need this more than you know

  8. I love the popping yellow against the green. So pretty. And seriously – how in the world is it already May?!

  9. What a pretty and new to me flower. I can’t believe how fast Aprril flew by

  10. Each and every year, I mean to make may day baskets and have my kids hide them on neighbors porches. Each and every year, I don’t. Grrrr…
    There’s always next year and I would love a basket of these beauties!

  11. We were treated to snow on May Day…sigh

  12. Thank you for the lovely May Day poppies, Debra! That’s a gorgeous yellow. Nothing spells summer like your yellow blooms.
    No Maypoles around here, but I could drag out some kind of fluffy dress…..

  13. Debra, I hereby declare that you ARE the Queen of May.

  14. I want some seed! Save me a few purty please?

    The pole must be cemented into the ground, that’s all I can figure.

  15. Beautiful! Even though it is May we just got snow this weekend and I am longing for spring!

  16. I’ve never seen wood poppies, but they are beautiful – gorgeous photos!

  17. Happy May Day! I’ve never seen Wood Poppies before. They’re beautiful!

  18. OMG these wood poppies are breathtaking. Your garden is awaken!! Love it Deb. Looking forward to many more. I remember how gorgeous it is from last year’s images!! You got such unique varieties!!

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