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This will be one of those short and sweet posts because a couple of months ago, I promised the egg dish to these biscuits and now I’m going to fulfill that promise! If you’ve been reading Smith Bites for a while, you’ll know that we are big, big fans of Virginia Willis and her recipes; in fact, we’re on the list to receive her ‘Southern Saturdays’ by email which is where this particular egg dish comes from.

We’ve made this recipe more than a few times here at home and thought it would be the perfect Saturday morning breakfast at our recent Go Savor Retreat in Savannah last month. Simply set out a variety of omelette-like ingredients and let folks pick and choose what they like: some type of leafy green (we used spinach but kale or broccoli works terrifically too), mushrooms, baby grape tomatoes, some type of cheese (thank you to Jarlsberg, one of our sponsors!), your favorite herb and then if you like, some sort of cooked meat like bacon lardons, sausage crumbles or a bit of diced country ham all work well here. Add a tablespoon of cream, a tablespoon or two of cheese, a pinch of salt and pepper, place your ingredients into individual dishes (Lodge donated cute individual cast iron pans – but you can use any oven-proof single serving dish!) and you’re ready to bake them off. Of course, we lucked out in the egg department as Robyn has chickens so our eggs came straight from the farm less than 48 hours before we ate them!

The point is, you can make these with ingredients left over from last night’s dinner if you wish . . . the world is your oyster as they say . . . ‘Skillet Baked Eggs or Ouefs en Cocotte’ as Virginia would say . . . ‘We love these’ is what everyone else will say . . .

Perfect for Easter, Mother’s Day, a lazy Sunday morning or even whenever there’s any type of gathering when you want to feed a crowd!

Be sure to head over to Go Savor and take a peek at the video piece we put together from our retreat weekend – and stay tuned for details on our next Go Savor adventure!

You can find the recipe on Virginia’s site; and don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for her ‘Southern Saturdays’ and to check out all her other fabulous recipes – serious Southern goodness!

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34 replies on “SKILLET BAKED EGGS”

I loved the video! You all look so genuinely happy to be there, to get to know each other, to learn, and teach. I was momentarily transported to Savannah (BTW, I love that city!)
I have a couple of extremely busy weeks ahead at my odious job, and this recipe could be a salvation:) Unfortunately, my spoiled girls will not be able to get their individual baked eggs (I do not have the small, cute, cast iron pans:), but I am sure that they would love eggs for dinner.

Virginia is wonderful and I can’t wait for her new book Basic to Brilliant Y’all! I also REALLY like your cast iron skillets, the recipe looks good too but it is the skillets I’m drooling over. OK… that and the fresh chicken eggs….. OK… just give me the reality of any of your pictures, they are great.

Delicious egg recipe! And I have a set of miniature Lodge skillets that this would be perfect for. How fun.

I love Virginia Willis, too. I met her in January at the FoodBlogSouth conference in Birmingham and found out that we grew up not far from each other. Explains a lot of why her early food and experiences and mine are so similar.

Mmmm/First of all LOVED the video on Go Savor! Second, this is a wonderful egg dish, one that I would make for dinner. I love all of those flavors together. And gorgeous eggs! I love the colors!

Hello, gorgeous. Baked eggs are my favorite breakfast food. I have made them more ways than I can count, but I have not tried them in a skillet, a fact that will be remedied by Saturday breakfast, I’m sure.

Ok, first of all, skillet baked eggs, looks so good! Second, I don’t know how I didn’t know about Virginia Willis until recently, but I’m a big fan. She seems to genuine, down to earth and Southern food…well, she’s got me hooked!
Congrats again on the success of Go Savor!

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