52 Sundays, april 3, 2011

Nothing brings joy to The Professor as much as finding a bakery on a bright sunny Saturday; especially one that is locally owned and operated in Broad Ripple, about 30 minutes from where we live. We took the day off to play in Southern Indiana with our Cincinnati family and stopped at Rene’s Bakery on the way south. All of their pastries are made from scratch daily including a variety of breads; we could have emptied the store but our wallets were limited and our waistlines can’t handle that much sugar . . .

In the end we walked out the door with a sour cream coffeecake, a loaf of brioche and a few raspberry-chocolate truffles unlike anything I’ve ever tasted . . . in fact, I am so enamored with these truffles, I am determined to recreate them here at Smith Bites!

The bakery provides pastries for Nordstroms at the Fashion Mall in Indianapolis and can be found at the Winter’s Farmers Market as well as an additional location on South Meridian in the downtown area; I was told that the Broad Ripple location will be making a move to larger quarters sometime in June.

And we always love a bakery that loves its customers . . . even the four-legged kind . . .

If you’re in the area, stop in at Rene’s Bakery . . . everything is ‘Handmade in Broad Ripple!’




  2. I was just looking at Rene’s menu last night online. I live in Fishers Indiana and I plan to go there soon for my birthday! Glad to see you two liked it, I don’t know how I am not going to want to buy one of everything too!

  3. I love that raspberry truffle. I have my own truffle obsession, so I can’t wait to see you re-create them!

  4. Can’t wait for you to make those truffles! I’ve only made truffles once before and made such a massive mess!!! LOL

  5. This reminds me of our apartment in New Haven in so many ways–we lived across the street from an Italian market/bakery and we’d always see dogs tied up out in front. You don’t know how important proper “canine hitches” are until you’ve seen a dog who was left “tethered” to a cafe table in front of a market lose it and start tearing across the patio when it sees another dog, regardless if the table is still attached to his leash!

  6. These goodies look so tempting. I love the canine hitch post! I bet they have delicious traets for our dogs as well!

  7. My husband and I love exploring new bakeries on the weekends, we try to scope out new places and treat ourselves. I’d love to visit this place, it sounds amazing.

  8. E and I found a bakery (thanks to Yelp) on our way back from NJ today. It was cute and had the most wonderful pastries.

    This place looks terrific!

  9. Love the pooch hitch photo! I’m also looking forward to your tart recipe. In our family, many of us prefer the tarts as our birthday cakes.

  10. I love places that cater to the pooches, too. Looks like a great place to grab a pastry while in Broad Ripple!

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