52 sundays; april 24, 2011

Musical pairing – Hallelujah by Justin Timberlake (with Matt Morris and Charlie Sexton)

In case you hadn’t noticed all the television ads for new dresses and shoes, the marshmallow peeps and the Cadbury eggs as well as the Egg Hunts that have been scheduled in a town or city near you . . . today is Easter Sunday . . . and while you might expect to see photos of Peter Cottontails with floppy ears and melt-your-heart eyes, you’re seeing a glass with a pair of hands . . . those would be The Professor’s hands to be exact . . . and that’s because this 52 sunday post is somewhat of a teaser for an upcoming post.

One of our goals this year is to become better photographers and videographers in an effort to become better storytellers; and if we’re dreaming big, we would love to have opportunities to work in this field professionally at some point down the road.

We have had the good fortune of seeing some of the best in the business in action over the last 16 months and have watched with critical eyes, taken pages full of notes and are honing our craft as these people have set the bar high; they challenge us to stretch ourselves, give us terrific feedback on ways we can improve and are always, always available for questions. While at Food Blog Forum in Atlanta, Todd & Diane of White On Rice Couple taught us about the benefits of shooting in a 12 o’clock position . . .

At our Go Savor retreat in Savannah, Helene of Tartelette taught us about the value of using diffusers . . .

while Tami of Running With Tweezers pulled out her amazing bag of styling tricks, not the least of which is . . . well . . . a giant pair of tweezers.

The Professor and I have taken it all in and continue to hone our craft; it’s an exciting journey to learn something new and we appreciate the generosity of those who share their talents with us – we promise to pay it forward when we have the opportunity!

Happy Easter, Happy Spring or Happy However-You-Celebrate-This-Season . . . we are so glad you are here . . . we wish you all a day of joy, peace and a little bit of chocolate . . . ok, so lots of chocolate!




  1. Love these photos and the corresponding story. I was expecting a recipe for sangria???? Is that the teaser for an “upcoming post”? Or am I confusing teaser and tweezer? I do that sometimes…

  2. Such talent in your household, my friend. These pictures are gorgeous!

  3. Well, hopefully you will be bringing on the bourbon! You know how I loooooove a good bourbon! My latest kick is Angel’s Envy….and yes you are going to be hearing more about that!

  4. Now I cannot wait until the post:) Whatever it is, it’s got some good-looking booze in it:) I don’t doubt for a second that you can make this work for you.

  5. bring it on!!! how creative and eclectic and what a neat way to entice…

  6. Beautiful work. All of your “studies” are paying off! Look forward to the new post.
    Wishing you and The Prof. a very happy and joyful Easter!

  7. These are some wonderful photographs, D! You are incredibly talented in so many ways. I look forward to seeing more pics in the future.

  8. Happy Easter! Looking forward to your upcoming post. Enjoy your day. 🙂

  9. No matter what age we are, we’re always on a quest to to improve and prosper. To be the best we can be at the things that bring us the most amount of joy.

    Happy Easter Debra! Looking forward to the follow-up.

    Btw, love that blue jug. Love.

  10. Can’t wait! I’m sure it’ll be something seriously delish!

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