52 Sundays; april 10, 2011

We are on our way to Vegas this morning as The Professor has a conference to attend; this makes 5 weekends in a row we’ve been gone . . . and though it may sound exciting to travel, (sometimes yes) I must admit that I’m beginning to feel like a nomad without a bed to call my own. We’ll be back late Tuesday nite but in the meantime enjoy these pics I took with my iPhone using Instagram . . . I kinda like artsy-fartsy style of Instagram . . .

All these shots were taken on our trip to Southern Indiana a couple of weeks ago where we joined a crew of The Professor’s students working on a project for the Department of Tourism . . .

When I took this particular shot above, it was snowing and coming down in more of a snow-ice mixture and we were literally being pelted – not fun . . . but I was determined to get a shot of these crazy kids trying to get a video clip of that bridge . . .

and yes, I do realize half the world has been using Instagram for what, like that last decade or so . . . sigh . . . I have some catching up to do . . .


  1. I’m with you on the traveling thing! We’ve been EVERYWHERE the last couple of months, and have hardly had a moment to sit down. GREAT for seeing new things, TERRIBLE because I actually miss my own bed. And I can’t remember the last time I had time to sit down and cook in my own kitchen. Need to get back on it…


  2. Oh dear…. it is photo time again. I’ve tried watching the webinars but get distracted. I need someone HERE to talk me through the camera thing. I love the effect of your photos.

  3. your instagrams turned out great. wow. that’s a lot of weeks to be traveling in a row-I would be begging for my bed, but I’m a total wimp.

  4. I am downloading Instagram as I type this. Great pics!

  5. These are awesome photos. Thanks for sharing this new app!

  6. Ah, Instagram/Hipstamatic; or what I like to call the apps that I have to use as reference when I talk about my Diana camera. 🙂

    Have a fabulous time in Vegas! Can’t wait to hear about the great eats you have there!

  7. Instagram has been out for 10 years, really?! I’m so out of it. Just noticed people using it on Twitter a few weeks ago. Enjoy Vegas, enjoy your own bed more when you get back home!

    • no Paula i joke about Instagram being out 10 years – more like a year give or take a few months; but loads of folks are having fun with it!

  8. Ooh, I love the pictures. I want Instagram! Do you use Camera+ ?

    • Rowdy ~ i use instagram on my iPhone but am pretty sure you can use w/any smartphone; the app is free – even more fun!

  9. Vegas is kind of a hoot. Are you going to see the “O” show?

  10. Love Las Vegas! My husband and I try to go once a year — usually after busy season. Still don’t take photos with my phone and always enjoy seeing what everyone is creating with instagram. So creative 🙂

  11. Don’t worry, I only recently started using Instagram too. Can’t believe it’s free, it’s a lot of fun. Safe travels!

  12. What a cool app! Love these photos!!

  13. You are one busy woman!!! I’m exhausted just reading about all of this traveling!

  14. Enjoy your time in Vegas. This is a great time to be there before it’s too hot.

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