52 sundays; march 27, 2011

Spring is trying its ‘darndest’ to make an appearance here in Indiana.  While this Redbud tree is on the verge of blooming during a beautiful sunrise yesterday, Mother Nature decided to throw one last winter curveball our way in the form of pelting snow last night . . . I think I’ll just call her, ‘Mother Cranky Pants’ from now on . . .

The Prof took this shot while we were in Southern Indiana on yet another video shoot with his students; I love how you catch the sun rising between the trees in the background while the tiny blooms of the redbud tree are crisp and in focus.  I’ll be writing more about our escapades later as these two crews were tons of fun . . . oh, by the way, I fed a Buffalo . . . thank goodness too . . . cuz’ now I can cross that one off my bucket list . . .

Until then, we hope you have a beautiful Sunday – is it Spring yet where you are? Come on, give me hope that Spring really is on its way!


  1. The trees are blooming at my house and those tiny buds have been small gifts from God during this tragic time in my family’s life. I have found such comfort in the renewal of life. Thank you for sharing tonight, my dear. I hope that you have a blessed week. Spring is here!

  2. Spring is on it’s way, just a bit slow this year 🙂

  3. I fear the poor, little buds here in Missouri are under full-fledged attack from a winter resurge.We’ve had really cold temps. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos – looks like you had fun this weekend!

  4. Very pretty… I am (not so patiently) waiting for spring, and I’ve been happy to see the few signs of spring around here, as well… Despite the fact that it’s been in the 20’s at night. Ugh!

  5. Purty. I’ve got a matching one here that’s not so happy with the change in the weather either.

    Glad to hear about the buffalo. Something we all should do, that and be spit on by a Llahma. ; )

  6. What a beautiful photo, Deb. It makes me yearn for spring – Mother Crankypants, indeed.

  7. We better have one delicious spring, because it has been miserable here. Thank goodness for your Sunday post… Which has brightened up my day

  8. Fed a buffalo? Wow! Now, isn’t there something odd about their tongues?

  9. I wish you Spring and soon! We keep getting it and then it goes away. 🙁

    The bison are pretty amazing, aren’t they? The experience we had with them was one of my favorite road trips.

  10. Sounds like your having an amazing time Debra. As usual loving this series and beautiful pic today. I love the shade of purple.I’m looking forward to outings with Liana as soon as Spring finally arrives.

  11. When I see photos like that from the north country, I know spring is coming. I remember it well. I used to bring in forsythia…it gave me hope! 🙂

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