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by The Professor

Musical pairing – Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

This is The Professor, and I’m making my second guest post here on Smith Bites. My last post was after classes ended for Winter Break when I had a little free time, which gave Debra a little respite from her writing. While “free time” isn’t in my vocabulary at this time of year, I really want to share this fabulous and simple gelato recipe that accompanies an equally fabulous celebration.

You see, someone’s having a birthday today . . . Now I’m not sure just how celebratory someone is feeling about growing a year older (and really, how many women get excited about another birthday whizzing by?) but I always make it a celebration. I am fortunate that her birthday is sandwiched between Valentine’s Day and our Wedding Anniversary, so there are plenty of opportunities to shower her with flowers, gifts and romantic meals.  Let’s just say it was a whirlwind of emotions that February of 1998, but we’ll save that story for another post.

Debra and I have known each other for thirteen years and yet, it seems as if we’ve never been apart. Throughout the years, birthdays have always been accompanied by a luscious dessert, very often with raspberries for some reason.  Early incarnations were a white cake soaked with raspberries and gelatin, raspberry cupcakes, and a pretty spectacular raspberry tiramisu.  While this year’s raspberry recipe may be simple, I scored BIG points in the gelato rock star department.

You might say I’m somewhat an ice cream and/or gelato junkie . . . it’s one of my dessert weaknesses . . . so I may . . . or may not . . . have made a few gelato recipes in my day; some with eggs, some with powdered milk – but this one has just the right ratio of cream, fruit and sugar.  Like so many Italian dishes, it is the simplicity, quality ingredients and the balance of those ingredients that makes this gelato work.  The original Strawberry Gelato recipe comes from Lael and Giuliano Hazan of Educated Palate and I have to give a big shout-out to them – this recipe is perfetto! We made just a few adaptations utilizing the raspberries and blood oranges we had on hand.

So, Happy Birthday to the love of my life, my best friend and soul mate . . . Ti Amo Tantissimo Babe . . .

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Hi Professor!

Wow, Feb-March is a great “season” for you two.

We went to Williams-Sonoma over the holidays and picked up an ice cream maker for only $39 from their “sale of the day.” (Yea, we’re THOSE customers that respond to ads.)

The ice cream maker is sitting it’s corner… sad… lonely… because no one wants to play with it.

I’ll bet you the first time I pull it out, it will be to make this.

Happy belated Birthday, Debra!



Amy | She Wears Many Hats

Making some of this soon. Real soon.




Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

I so loved reading this post! So sweet… And, that gelato looks absolutely perfect!



Looks like the perfect birthday dessert to me



All so sweet: the gelato, the wishes, the sweet couple, the music!



I still can’t get over the gorgeous color of that gelato!! What a sweetie you are Professor!!! I love the fact that you have continued the tradition of raspberry desserts – very romantic!!
Have bookmarked this to make very soon – it looks perfect!!



This is the sweetest, most loving post. I love you two!
Happy birthday my friend… you married a keeper!


Cookbook Queen

This gelato looks absolutely gorgeous, but what I am MOST in love with, is this post. How sweet, and romantic and absolutely touching. Happy Birthday, Deb!! You are a sweet and fabulous lady and I’m so blessed to know you!! 🙂


My Man's Belly

Hmmm…passing this link along to my husband to give him a hint…This gelato is such a stunning color!


Strawberry Cake

Awe what a sweet man you have! Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady! Heres to another wonderful year! Cheers! Sheila



Happy birthday again! And a gift in the form of Rasberry gelato is probably the type of gift that keeps on giving, so go have one more scoop right now!


Lora @cakeduchess

Bravissimo Professore:)That is beautiful gelato. The Hazan’s are amazing. Happy Birthday, sweet Deb. You both are so blessed to have eachother (and this gelato!!:).



Happy Birthday Deb! This gelato looks like a party on a spoon. Which couldn’t be more fitting for such a splendid occasion!

Hope that you had a divine day!



Well well well, it’s the Professor! I can totally relate to not having any free time right now as both a student AND a teacher so I am super impressed you wrote this post and made this gorgeous looking gelato for Debra! Now I have my own ice cream maker, the sky is the limit for me – I cannot wait to get into summer fruit concoctions!



Happy Birthday Debra! You’re a lucky lady! 🙂



Happy Birthday Debra! How could you two have been together 13 years? You don’t look any more than 25. Enjoy.



¡Feliz cumpleaños a Debra! Gelato is certainly an excellent way to distract anyone from getting another year older…


Renee (Kudos Kitchen)

This was just the most touching, heart felt post I’ve read in a very long time. What a wonderful declaration of love you gave to your wife! Just lovely!!!
Happy Birthday Debra!!! You’re a lucky woman to have such a wonderful husband and you can tell he feels the exact same about you. I wish for you the best in the coming year and I’ll look forward to more of your delicious recipes and musical pairings. This gelato looks fab!


Lana @ Never Enough Thyme

Happiest of birthdays, Debra! And a huge “thumbs up” to the Professor on the gelato. Delicious!



Happy Birthday, Debra! And a high five to the Professor for such a killer gelato recipe. I’m ready to dig in!



Happy, Happy Birthday Debra! If I had known I’d have baked you a cake….oh wait, you have gelato ala The Professor…much better! Hope your day is as special as you are. Cheers!

To The Professor: Job well done!



Professor, that is one sexy looking gelato! I enjoyed reading your guest post and cannot wait to learn more about that wonderful time back in 1998 (it was wonderful for us, too:)
Happy birthday to my fellow Piscean, a sensitive, imaginative, creative, empathic and idealistic soul!


Barbara | VinoLuciStyle

I would agree with the birthday girl, some fresh fruit pieces are perfect in this gelato; you did good; it looks superb!

And Happy Birthday to a certain someone; though I’ve found that to make birthdays easier to handle I celebrate them as anniversaries. So Happy Anniversary of your 39th birthday Deb!



Happy Birthday, Debra! I’d offer you a present, but I think you’ve got the best gift of all in the professor! What a gem! Thanks, Mr. Prof, for this great recipe (one that I think I’d like to veganize one of these days…I bet I could sub coconut cream???). Looking forward to future guest posts!


The Rowdy Chowgirl

Happy Birthday, Debra! The gelato looks so yummy!



Happy Birthday Debra! I hope you have a fabulous day! Gelato is the perfect way to celebrate. Enjoy!


Robyn | Add a Pinch

Happy Birthday sweet friend! I hope you are having the best day ever. Just look at that fabulous gelato from the Professor.


Alison @ Ingredients, Inc.

This looks amazing! The Professor rocks! Happy B’day and many healthy ones!


Brian @ A Thought For Food

Oh my goodness! This is so sweet!!! Thank you, Professor, for sharing this wonderful recipe and for expressing your love for Debra so beautifully!

And Happy Birthday D!!!!


Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Debra! Looks like you already have the best birthday gift around – a loving husband who makes gelato! Hope you both have a wonderful day celebrating.



Debra! Happy birthday, sweetness! I would tell you to make sure the Professor spoils you, but I know he has already brought his “A” game. Hugs!



I sat back… pressed play… listened to this amazingly beautiful song, and read all about birthday and gelato. Pure bliss for the last 5 minutes… THANK YOU!!!

And happy birthday to *someone* who is a dear and a treasure and a joy!!!




Such a lovely post. Your love for Debra shows in your words (and in your desire to help with the blog!). Happy Birthday, friend! And to many more!!!


Nancy @SensitivePantry

Happy Birthday, Deb! The Professor is definitely a keeper…any man who celebrates the momentous events of your life with flowers, gifts, romantic gifts and gelato is alright in my book. Mostly, though, I hear the love coming through in this post. Very special.


Lael Hazan @educatedpalate

You brought tears to my eyes on a hectic Monday morning! Your love for Debra is beautifully expressed. I’m honored that you chose Giuliano’s recipe for a birthday celebration and glad it was enjoyed. I told him about your mixture and he said it sounds great and that we should definitely try it. Tanti Auguri!


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