52 Sundays; february 6, 2011

Although we weren’t able to get a clear shot, this little Cardinal was foraging for food but bless his heart, all the berries were frozen; in fact, everything was covered in ice after the monster storm that covered most of the US this week. We finally ventured out Friday afternoon and took a few photos. Then add insult to injury, Mother Nature dumped almost 5 inches of snow today, another 4-5 inches is coming tomorrow and maybe more by Wednesday . . .

Friday . . .

Saturday . . . what a difference a day makes . . . but I have to admit, Mother Nature is beautiful when I stop my grumbling and begin to look around . . .


  1. I tell you, I would have been trying to chase down that beautiful cardinal all day. Such a beautiful sight among all the grey, brown and white!

  2. Great shot! Reminds me of last winter when London had a big dump (well, by UK standards!!) of snow. We saw species of birds we had NEVER seen in our garden before, suddenly turning up to feast on the only food in the neighbourhood not blanketed in snow – the berries on our firethorn hedge!

  3. The cardinal shot is genius. It’s like you know the bird is there and it just may show itself. Just like the promise of spring! GREG

  4. What stunning photos – I kinda like that the cardinal is obscured, some how makes his red feathers even brighter.

  5. As much as I despise cold weather, I have to admit that winter photography can be some of the most strikingly beautiful. The stark contrast of dormant trees against white snow always draws me into the photo. These are just gorgeous!

  6. It’s been just beautiful here so it’s hard to think of you freezing your ass over there. I wish I could send you some sunshine! 🙂

  7. It is a beautiful thing. Before I trek out in the snow, I try to take a moment and appreciate it… even for a moment.

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  9. we were just talking over breakfast about how mild this winter seemed until this past week. now all of a sudden i’m all, darn you old man winter!! where is my forsythia??

    • Darah ~ I am ready for tulips and daffodils!! The Professor planted bulbs in pots for me and I can’t wait until they bloom!

  10. Beautiful, peaceful photos! That little cardinal rocks!

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