52 sundays; february 20, 2011

Give me tulips over roses any day of the week; don’t get me wrong, roses are beautiful, heady and some are even real show-stoppers. But there’s just something about tulips that make me happy. I think it’s because they’re some of the first flowers to bloom in the spring after the long winters here in central Indiana. We usually force several pots of bulbs this time of year to bring a bit of spring colors indoors but our pots are a bit behind schedule at the moment. So, The Professor purchased some cut tulips and my son sent a dozen for Valentine’s Day this past week – the house was bursting with color – bring on Spring!


  1. I love tulips too. My new boss had a lovely vase of tulips in her office, and they made me feel so happy and calm. A great way to start a new job! Thank you for sharing these with me tonight. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers as well. I love how the light is shining through the petals in that second picture, the tulips look like they are glowing!

  3. Couldn’t agree more… tulips definitely trump roses. With that being said, I’m an orchid man. So beautiful.

    Great Sunday post, Debra (I have off today, so I’m doing my Sunday reading today… I even have the Sunday NY Times to get through)

  4. Tulips are my favorite. My husband brought me a beautiful vase of tulips on Valentine’s Day. Your photo is beautiful and made me smile!

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  6. I agree, tulips are beautiful and fresh flowers at home bring me so much joy! 🙂

  7. Yes please. That spring bringing it on thing. I’m so with you…but then I love all the flowers of early spring, the ones I forget that I’ve planted that always surprise me when their green leaves start to poke through the ground. I’m ready! These beauties help in the meantime; lovely.

  8. I couldn’t agree more. Tulips are strong, tall and lovely! Yay Spring!

  9. Ahhh….Spring! Have a lovely Sunday!

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