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We’re year-round soup fans here at Smith Bites – chilled soups during the warmer months and hot soups during the winter months.  And with just a few exceptions, we make them from scratch using common pantry and/or ingredients I have tucked away in my freezer. Some soups are broth-based and some are cream-based but every soup is full of flavor and makes a terrific lunch or dinner.  Roasted Red Pepper, chowder, lightening fast tomato, chili or hearty lentil, simply add a salad or some great crusty bread and voila’, dinner is served – it just couldn’t be easier!

This tortellini soup has just eight ingredients but comes together in about 20 minutes, tops – Girl Scout, cross-my-heart, hope-to-die, stick-a-needle-in-your-eye – I promise.   This is real food, real fast, at its finest and does not skimp in the flavor department!

Now I must confess that I’m pretty much a sucker for any recipe where garlic makes an appearance and I’m even more giddy when the recipe reads ‘gar-lick-eeee’; that’s one word that makes my heart go all ‘pitter-pat’ (well, besides ‘The Professor’ . . .)  This soup is all about the garlic but not in a vampire kinda way; the garlic plays quite nicely in the background while helping to anchor the other elements. In my book, that’s pretty near perfect!


  1. This soup is gorgeous! I can smell the garlic, taste the tomato, and feel all the goodness of the kale through your photos. Yum.

  2. Mmmm garlicky with kale, such a yummy combo!

  3. Love the addition of kale and pesto in this dish; looks fabulous.
    Have a great weekend!

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  5. Love soup, love this beautiful tortellini and kale soup. A perfect hearty, soul satisfying soup on a cold day. When cold happens, soup happens at my house. Unfortunately for me, my family is not as excited during the warm ( I should say hot, I live in Florida) months about soup (sigh). I have bookmarked this recipe. Awesome.


  6. Lora @cakeduchess

    Gorgeous soup, Bella Deb. I love how we both posted same day soup with kale. I adore tortellini. You just gave a great recipe that the kids will love too. Lovely photos!! Xx

  7. Full of flavor and made in a snap—can’t get better, or easier than that!

  8. Garlic… kale… parmesan… you had me at “hello”!! This looks wonderful – we have always been a soup-on-Sunday night kinda family, rain or shine so always on the lookout for quick & easy ones to add to my repertoire. Like this one!

  9. You and me both have a strong love for garlic. Bring on the cloves! I am nursing a nasty bout of allergies, so this soup looks especially satisfying. I’ve heard that garlic does wonders for the body too. Thank you for sharing this bowl of wholesome goodness!

  10. Soup deserves year round fans. Slurp! GREG

  11. Oh… This soup looks fabulous. And, I just love kale. I will be making it very soon!

  12. What a perfect pantry recipe! I don’t have kale on hand but I suppose I could just substitute spinach. This sounds like a great idea for tonight’s dinner.

  13. Yep, right there with you when it says ‘garliceee’; love the stuff. This looks amazing Debra 🙂

  14. Count me in as a main course soup fan. We typically have it two or three times a week at my house, and I’m always searching for new ideas like this delicious looking soup. I’m a southerner and have similarly flavored collard greens in the garden now, so I’ll sub them for for the kale. 20 minutes to make? Yes please!

  15. That looks wonderfully hearty, Debra! Everybody in my house would love it. I have some nice Swiss chard in the fridge, begging to be put to good use.
    My husband used to eat soup only in the restaurants and Campbell’s Tomato Soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. But since he met me, soup is always on the menu. I almost killed him one day when he raised his eyebrow and asked: “What? No soup today?” Grrrrr!
    I am like you – I save the scraps for vegetable stock, shrimp shells for fish stock, carcasses, fish heads, parmesan rinds. My freezer is full of stock ingredients. But nothing tastes as good as a from-scratch made soup on a cold winter night.

  16. Can’t wait to make this for my pasta loving 3 year old!!!

  17. Good, real food doesn’t HAVE to take all day… even though it does at our house because I’m crazy and will try to grow my own kale, make my own stock, and jar my own pesto to make this soup. But after I do all that, it’ll only take 20 minutes!!!

    I’m such a carnivore, I’m gonna make this with some spicy Italian sausage thrown in. 🙂


  18. I’m into the soups right now and this looks fabulous! And 20 minutes till dinner sounds great to me.

  19. Cold weather, rain in the forecast today. Yes, I am in a soup kind of mood and this just nudged me into the kitchen more quickly. Thanks for the push!

  20. Deb, You channeled yourself well here. Love the whimsical writing and the soup!! Wowee! (now I am channeling you!) Love, Shulie

  21. Ha Ha Ha Funny! I love it! And I love soups like this, quick, easy, rich and full of flavor. I’ll try this….

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  23. Great take on traditional tortellini soup – the tomato broth is a really nice touch. This time of year, I find myself making a big pot of soup at least once a week and I’m always looking for more ideas. This one is calling to me!

  24. Man does this soup sound delicious! I will have to look for kale next time I make it into the city, until then I might try some spinach.

  25. WE LOVE Tortellini soup! Great recipe here!

  26. Oh, man…this is right up my alley! The more garlic the better I always say. This will be making an appearance on our dinner table within the next week for sure.

  27. Can I please come over for dinner the next time you make this? I promise to be nice.

  28. Mmm! Garlicky! Just the kind of soup to make my coworkers come sniffing around asking, “Whose lunch smells so good?”

  29. That looks amazing – and very appealing, given that my toes are numb with cold right now!

  30. We love soup around here too – especially this time of year!

  31. You had me at garlicky…

  32. I’m craving soups as usual in January, and this one is screaming to me. I love the pesto and kale combination. Delicious!

  33. I love tortellini, especially in soups when it doesn’t seem quite as sinful to dig into when surrounded by all of those vegetables (though a straightforward tortellini en brodo is always a good decision too!). And garlic. Lots and lots and lots of the stuff.

    That is one gorgeous soup.

  34. Doesn’t it seem that just about everything tastes good with olive oil and garlic? Well, maybe not cake, but just about everything else. Love this recipe!

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  36. You had me at garlicky! Beautiful soup and beautiful pics as always!

  37. It’s cold here, and I could use a bowl of your soup. Wish you were closer – we could do soup nights together!

    Happy new year – I hope to see you in 2011!


  38. This is just the hearty winter soup I’ve been searching for – thanks – I have fallen for kale in a big way…

  39. Garlic makes my heart go pitter-pat, too….so does pasta! This soup sounds fabulous!

  40. Oh may does that sound perfect right now.

  41. If i were at home instead of at school, i’d make this tonight!

  42. Garlicky is certainly one of my favorite words too. This looks scrumptious and I love that it comes together so fast. Yum!

  43. I have to admit that the word “garlic-ky” makes my heart go a-flutter, too! Love this, Deb!

  44. Looks like one beautiful soup… great job!

  45. I can’t get enough soup this time of year. Seriously…I eat it every day when it gets cold. This one looks like a def keeper since it’s so quick and easy.

  46. After making homemade ravioli, i think I’m ready to get my hands dirty and make tortellini! This would be perfect for it!

  47. This would totally hit the spot right now. Tasty!

  48. Wow, this soup totally has my number. I might have to use half cheese and half meat-based tortellini, otherwise the Brit will throw his toys out of the pram at the lack of carne. But it sound FANTASTIC!

  49. OOh this looks so good, and I have so much blanched kale in my freezer from our CSA this summer, great way to use it up. I might need to cut back on the garlic, I think my hubby is a vampire garlic makes him hide.

  50. I make something similar with spinach, I will have to try kale in it now. This is looks perfect on a cool winter day (or any for that matter) & I love that it comes together so quickly my favorite kind of meals!

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