52 Sundays; january 23, 2010

These shots were taken by The Professor’s brother right outside our house – aren’t they fabulous?!


  1. Love the photos but BRRR! Not to rub it in or anything, but it’s been in the 70’s here! 😉

  2. Beautiful shots! It must be crazy cold out there. I would never leave the warmth of my house!

  3. This photos are so pretty. i have never been so up close & personal with an icicle. we are skiing in Telluride right now & LOVING the winter wonderland.

  4. Love these winter wonderland photos! Those icicles look downright dangerous! A warning to stay inside. I’ll lend you Coco to snuggle with….

  5. This is beautiful! I wonder how the photographer had the courage to get out in such cold. Lovely

  6. Awesome pictures, I am always reluctant to take the camera out when it’s this cold!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, Debra! My goodness, those are some dagger icicles!!!

    Thanks for joining in Mingle Monday!

  8. Stunning! But 4 degrees!?! Makes me shiver to just think about it 🙂

  9. Gorgeous bokeh!

  10. Debra I love the colours of the sky in the first pic, what a great shot. Also really like the twinkling lights behind the ice spears – beautiful!

  11. Stunning as always Debra. Never cease to amaze me!!

  12. Amazing winter pictures! Looks like from ice age!

  13. We’re rockin’ it out in t-shirts and shorts… hosted a dinner party last night ON THE PATIO… so this is a beautiful reminder that the rest of our country is still under ice. 🙂 Hope you thaw out soon!


  14. Absolutely gorgeous photos. The bokeh in the last one made me smile.

  15. Wow, the ice drop pictures are stunning!

  16. Cold here this morning too. I think we are just a little warmer than you….but not much!

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  18. Love the picture of the church. Just gorgeous!

  19. Simply beautiful! But Brrrrrrrrrrr…I’m going to go ride my bike now 😉 Love you!!

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