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“Sometimes you just gotta have a Sticky Bun!”

Hi, this is The Professor, and those were the first words out of my mouth when we woke up Sunday morning.   Classes are over for the semester and my dearest Mrs. Smith Bites could use a little respite, right?  So, I’m guest posting on our blog to share with you an easy and delicious Sticky Bun recipe and give our “editor in chief” a break.

My Dad made Sticky Buns when I was a kid, with dough from a tube and lots of brown sugar and butter.  It was usually on the weekend while we watched cartoons.  Dad’s nickname was “Smitty”, and this was just one of many “Smitty Specials”.  So in homage to Dad, sometimes – I just gotta have a Sticky Bun!

With this Ina Garten recipe (you know, ‘2 sticks of butter’ Ina), you start by putting a heaping Tablespoon of the brown sugar and butter mixture in the bottom of each muffin tin cup and sprinkle some coarsely chopped pecans over the top.

And now here’s the messy part (and I managed to break a metal measuring cup too – see the cup with a missing handle in the photo above? Oops). Roll out some thawed puff pastry on a flour dusted area, brush on some melted butter, sprinkle on the brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins, and roll it all up like a jellyroll. (Good thing Mrs. Smith Bites was still in bed – shhhhh, don’t tell!)

Slice the roll into 6 equal sections and place each section on top of each butter/brown sugar/pecan layer.

Bake these puppies for about 30 minutes, but be sure put a cookie sheet with parchment under the muffin tin.  They tend to bubble over.  (I’m glad I didn’t miss that in the instructions, lest I get oven cleaning duty – LOL!)

When they come out of the oven, let them cool for about 5 minutes before inverting them onto a plate or parchment paper.  The gooey pecan sticky goodness will drip out and coat these little gems.  (Be very, very careful – the gooey part is still really hot and will burn if it lands on your unprotected skin.)  Let them cool completely, eat several – then make a toast to “Smitty” –  and to the love of a Sticky Bun.

Husbands/dads – you will be a super star if you make these Christmas morning – or any time of year for that matter; just make sure to clean up after yourself and you’ll score major brownie points – and the Mrs. just might save you the last sticky bun!



  2. How incredibly tasty and delectable these sticky buns look! Do you think there is any way of incorporating peanut butter into the frosting? Nice work.

  3. Very fun to see the professor share a post & a fabulous recipe for sticky cinnamon rolls. Happy holidays to you both!

  4. the raisins and pecans really make these sticky buns special

  5. Well, hello, Professor! So nice of you to give the Mrs. a break. 🙂 Your sticky rolls look delicious – yet another reason why I keep puff pastry in the freezer.

    This also reminds me that it’s time to get Mr. RGBistro to write a post – his one any only post was on Thanksgiving 2009. Think he’s due…


  6. Brilliant!! I am printing out the recipe and accidentally “leaving it” on my boys desks (hint.. hint) If I am lucky, I will be having these on Christmas morning!!!
    Perfect – and perfectly easy – thanks for posting such a streamlined version of a classic!!

  7. What a wonderful guest post! Love these buns!! I will have to try this break w/the kids. We will be fighting eachother for the last one;)I am a big fan of the “Mrs.” Merry Christmas you too!!

  8. Love your buns, Professor! {Yow!}

  9. We know these sticky buns well and Mr. B is expecting them X-mas morning. Maybe I should send him to your house where the guys make the breakfast breads? 😉

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  11. Sweet, gooey and sticky…now those are some fabu buns!

  12. So, not only do you do photography and go for long strolls (I’ve seen the pics) you cook too? Oh, you are a real gem, Mr. Professor! Of course, I think Debra’s a gem too so you too are quite the pair. Thanks for another great recipe!

    • Gee thanks, Marly – I prefer a supporting roll, but I am always glad to do something nice for the Mrs. – Prof Smith

  13. Oh, gorgeous! Professor, your sticky buns look amazing.

  14. Now that is a holiday treat!

  15. Thank you, professor, for sharing the recipe with us. I have to pass it on to my genius husband, who is the breakfast person in our house (while he has gifted his girls occasionally with some wonderful southern biscuits, or sausage and eggs, his usual route is Krispy Kreme or the grocery store, where he buys the cinnamon rolls). They look amazing!

    • I encourage your husband to give them a try…even better than Krispy Kreme in my humble opinion (and I’ve had a few of those in my time) Thanks! -Prof Smith

  16. Lovely. I want to wake up to these, even if I have to make them myself.

  17. You had me at Puff Pastry; what a great time saving idea because I just know for a fact that there will be no yeast rising at this house on Christmas morning!

    • Yep – and you won’t miss the yeast at all….I actually prefer the ‘crunch’ in this recipe. Thanks, Barb. – Prof Smith

  18. These look so perfectly sticky!

  19. I love Ina’s recipes–they’re always simple and decadent. Great job, Professor! I think t hese are worth a broken measuring cup.

  20. Yay for the Professor! LOVING these sticky buns!

  21. hehehehe… love this guest post 🙂
    I never ever thought to do sticky buns in a muffin tin. That is brilliant!

  22. These are great! A perfect recipe to have my daughter start learning to bake sticky buns. Love the use of puff pastry.

  23. Dang, these look pretty easy too. Never knew I could use puff pastry for sticky buns! And I just so happen to have two packs waiting eagerly in the freezer right now – but not for long!

  24. Cheers to awesome husbands! (mine makes cinnamon rolls on New Years Day…) These look absolutely mouthwatering!!! Luv that Lady Antebellum Christmas CD – been playing it almost everyday! Merry Christmas!

  25. Had a smile on my face while reading – great guest post 🙂 Love the idea of putting the sticky buns in individual wells (muffin cups) instead of all in one large pan and having to cut. Looks like ‘Mrs Smith Bites’ will be getting some new measuring cups for Christmas 😉

  26. I don’t know what I’m more in awe of…these sticky buns or the fact that a husband is getting up and making them in the morning!!

    Um yeah, pretty sure that this would be the best breakfast EVAH!! Come on over and teach my husband, okay?

    • My motivations were somewhat selfish, but I do like treating the Mrs. now and then. She makes her share of good eats! – Prof Smith

  27. I love a man who cooks. Especially a man who cooks sticky buns. These look divine!

  28. Well, Professor, you had me at Sticky Bun. What a fun thing to do, and the prep part is easy enough that even kids can help. They look delicious! What is it about dads having nicknames? My dad’s nickname is Wimpy – mainly because he’d choose to eat a hamburger over just about anything else, on any day of his life, any meal. 🙂 Thanks, Smitty, for the awesome recipe!

  29. You are SO right….my husband WOULD be a hero if he made these….but he’s really good at going to pick up Starbucks while *I* make breakfast, so I guess it’s up to me. 🙂

    Anything from Ina gets and A+ in my book….and your sticky buns are no exception! Beautiful!

  30. Love this. I’ve made sticky buns before, but the yeast/proofing/rising part often deterred me. This is great and certain to make an appearance during the holiday week. Thanks so much.

  31. Beautiful! And definitely not the firs thing I should have read this morning. You had me laughing which of course makes me hungry, and now I need to find a way to make these as soon as possible. Preferably before the kids get up so I dont have to share.


  32. Dear Professor, could you convince my husband that we’ve got to have some sticky buns and that HE should make them?


  33. A few weeks ago my 6 year old daughter and I were flipping channels on the TV and came across Ina…the little one ordered me to “stop there” – one of the recipes she made that episode was these wonderful cinnamon rolls – yours look just as good!
    We decided then and there to make these Christmas morning – the little one keeps reminding me! Oh and your secret is safe with me – won’t mention a thing to the Mrs about the cup – maybe Santa will come to the rescue lol! Happy Holidays!

  34. Oh my… don’t these look delicious? I’ve seen Ina make these and have added them to my mental list of things to make in the future. Great pictures!!!

  35. I have become a bit of a sticky bun snob… Any trips we make to San Fran are filled with outings to various bakeries and I usually try out their sticky bun.

    These looks perfect… doughy, gooey, sweet, crunchy.

  36. I was watching Barefoot Contessa when she featured these and was anxious to try them. I’m glad they really are easy & delicious {a great combo}. I’ll definitely give these a try this week… or encourage my husband to make them {love that idea too ~ ha}! Thanks for sharing.

  37. You really can’t do this to someone who hasn’t eaten breakfast yet! I better send my hubby the link so he can be prepared for Xmas! 🙂

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