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Musical pairing – Where Are You Christmas? by Faith Hill

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a single mom of two boys.  And as any single parent knows, putting food on the table can be a real challenge but I was very, very fortunate in that I always lived near my parents or family members who made sure we didn’t go hungry. I was also on welfare a few of those years while I went back to school so that I would be able to support myself and my kids longterm – and $75 in food stamps didn’t buy much, even then. But still, we never went hungry . . . ever. And I am forever grateful.
Given the state of our economy these days . . . the state of our world these days . . . there are many, many families and children who are hungry . . . as many as 17 million children who were hungry this year alone.  More than 5 million children are living at or below poverty and almost 6 million children living in single parent homes; but you might be surprised to learn that more than 5 million children live in 2-parent households – this is about our children. In our schools. In our churches. On our neighborhood streets. Our next door neighbors.
I am happy to be participating this week with more than 50 blogging friends in ‘Share Our Holiday Table’ – a  virtual progressive dinner party to raise awareness and funds to support Share Our Strength’s, ‘No Kid Hungry Campaign’ that is taking place starting today through December 14th. Please click here for more information as well as to make a contribution if you can – even a small donation will help feed a child.  And if you can’t make a contribution, that’s fine too – I’m still happy you’re here!
And now on to the recipe!  A super quick, super easy vegetarian appetizer – two bites, no napkin needed and you have a free hand to enjoy your cocktail or mocktail; sweet, salty, crunchy and perfect for any holiday celebration!
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Martha Stewart has a great stuffed date recipe… but i love how this is a little different than all the other ones i’ve seen. I particularly like how some parm is used instead of goat cheese… which sometimes overpowers the other ingredients.

[…] Dates Stuffed with Parmesan Slivers & Walnuts – a perfect appetizer in every way: sticky/sweet dates stuffed with salty cheese and a crunchy nut, that you gladly eat with your fingers. I want to live in a world where these little gifts are always at my fingertips, on my table. […]

Wow, Deb – these are so beautiful and look delicious. Thanks for sharing your story. You have come a long way, baby! Thanks for joining our efforts to end childhood hunger and for joining our virtual dinner party! xo

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