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WE HAVE A WINNER!  TRACY, who said, ‘I love the pewter measuring cups and the dog treat jars at Crosby & Taylor!’

Tracy, contact me with your address so I can get this beautiful measuring spoon set out to you!

I have a confession to make: I have a thing for handmade artisan pieces whether it’s pottery, glass, paintings or other types of handcrafted art. I worked for a famous singer/songwriter years ago who said, ‘When someone handcrafts a piece of work, they give a part of their soul into whatever it is they’ve created – that piece is a part of the artist.’ Those words have stayed with me and describe the kinds of pieces I want surrounding me in my home.

So when the lovely folks at Crosby & Taylor asked if I’d like to give away a set of their beautiful handcrafted pewter measuring spoons . . . well let’s just say, that I was more than thrilled! If you take a look at their website, you’ll find not only pewter measuring spoons, but also measuring cups, ceramic coffee canisters, salt pots, even beautiful garlic pots. I also discovered that the owners live in Eugene, Oregon and I’m formerly a West Coast girl. Ironically the owner is originally from Northern Indiana and I now live in central Indiana – funny connections in a small world!

Here’s the deal – I have one set of gorgeous measuring spoons and stand in the Dragonfly pattern to give away to one lucky Smith Bites reader – and even though you’ll feel like they’re too pretty to use, I’m certain you’ll reach for them again and again! To enter all you have to do is:

Leave me one comment telling me what is your most favorite Christmas gift (or however you celebrate your season) you ever received.

For multiple entries, you can:

  1. Become a fan of Crosby & Taylor on Facebook; come back and leave a separate comment
  2. Visit the Crosby & Taylor website and tell me which of their beautiful products would you like to be using in your kitchen; come back and leave a separate comment; you must leave separate comments for each additional entry to qualify

The giveaway ends midnight EST on Wednesday, December 22nd; I will ship the winner their beautiful Dragonfly set and stand right away but it is unlikely you’ll receive before Christmas – so think of this as a New Year’s gift – and what a way to begin the New Year!! NOTE: Because of customs, this contest is open to US residents only and will be chosen using Good Luck everyone!

Now on to the cookies ~ here’s another short and sweet post for a terrific Rum-Raisin Shortbread Cookie from the new Martha Stewart Cookie App for the iPad – and let me just say, that is one super cool app, Martha!

The plus is that these cookies come together fairly quickly and then you simply slice, bake and enjoy!  You do need to plan ahead just a teensy bit to soak the currants overnight – and do use currants instead of raisins – the cookies are smaller and currants just plain work better here.  Perfect for cookie exchanges, holiday cookie trays, a gift platter or buffet table.  And the taste? Oh. My. Stars. And. Garters.  These are swoon-worthy!!



  1. Such a very special giveaway gift Debra. The winner will be very lucky to receive such an extraordinary handcrafted piece. Good Luck to all!

    Debra as usual your photos are stunning. Your shortbread cookies look to good to eat!

  2. I love the Fleur de Lys petite salt pot in Blackberry!

  3. I have become a fan of Crosby & Taylor on Facebook.

  4. My most favourite Christmas gift isn’t a tangible thing but a feeling. I actually never liked Christmas as a kid, too much family drama meant it was usually horrible but my life now is so very different. I am now surrounded by love and peace and family, it truly doesn’t get any better than that. Joy for me is spending time in my kitchen creating memories for my children and my beautiful man. I would love to add these measuring spoons to my collection of kitchen essentials. Thank you for such a lovely opportunity!

  5. I would love to have the bird measuring cups in my kitchen. They’re gorgeous.

  6. I’m a fan of Crosby and Taylor on FB.

  7. My favorite Christmas gift I’ve ever received would have to be my Kitchen Aid mixer. I love it to pieces even though it hasn’t been getting a whole lot of use lately because I have an 11 month old son to run after. My wonderful husband bought it for me.

  8. And the website: wow! cool stuff. I think my favorite is the ceramic coffee canisters. Any of ’em. Beautiful.

  9. Way cool, Debra! I’m in. But I see right above this box a link to recommend this article on Facebook, and you must be crazy if you think I’m going to share this opportunity. The fewer comments, the better my chances at winning.

    My favorite Christmas gift last year was a family membership to the Experience Music Project here in Seattle. It’s not cheap to go for a day, and when you pay, you feel like you have to do everything or you didn’t get your money’s worth. Being able to just go down for an afternoon was fun, and the rock & roll photography exhibit also gave me one of my favorite pictures of my children (you may have seen it on facebook — the one with the guitars).

    Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  10. Those measuring spoons are beautiful!!! I love shortbread cookies and these sound wonderful – a little different, almost like a bit of a mince pie in a cookie!!!

  11. It’s not a kitchen item but I think their Good Dog ornament is so cute!

  12. I’m now a fan of Crosby & Taylor on fb.

  13. One of my favorite gifts I received is a beautiful Snoopy cookie jar. My husband went all over town trying to find it for me. The thought of him working so hard to get me something that he knew I would love is so heartwarming.

  14. I totally dig all the measuring spoons, but I like the birds the most. So pretty!

  15. My favorite gift ever was my very first watch. It was a swatch that my grandparents gave me when I was 11. I wore the hell out of that watch. 🙂

  16. There were lots of them, but I think I liked getting an ipod the best.

  17. I am a facebook fan!

  18. My favorite Christmas gift of all time was probably when I was a single mom with 4 small children. Our first Christmas on our own we had nothing. I was really upset that I could not give them anything. Then my doorbell rang and it was my new neighbor….he gave me a check from their church, and told me to go buy the kids some presents. My brother gave me his Christmas Club Money, and NOW(national organization of women)sponsored my family and gave us literally a truck full of gifts and Christmas Dinner. This all happened within two hours on Christmas Eve 1995! It truly touched my heart and was the true meaning of Christmas.

  19. Oh Debra, those spoons are beautiful! I think my favorite Christmas gift was my Garmin. No more driving in circles!

  20. Wow that is a hard. My favorite gift. I don’t know. I am thinking it would be jewelry but I must say it’s so cold, and I just received the most awesome warm Northface jacket, and I love it! I also love homemade gifts from my kids. Happy holidays to you! Alison

  21. Those measuring spoons are absolutely gorgeous! So pretty I’d probably be afraid to use them 🙂

    And the rum-raisin shortbread – outstanding!

  22. My favorite gift has to be my new Kindle that my BFF gave me. :o)

  23. Hey Debra. I’m loving everything about this post – the Crosby & Taylor measuring spoons and the shortbread. Just loving it!

  24. Okay, my favorite item from the Crosby and Taylor website (I could buy one of everything!!!!) was the Dragonfly Toddler Cup in Tutu Pink.

  25. Just became a fan of Crosby and Taylor on FB!

  26. My favorite Christmas present was a pair of dolls (they were like 8 inches long) that came with a suitcase full of clothes. I remember my mom sat with me in the floor and we played for hours with those dolls. I still have them, and will pass them on to my daughter!

  27. Now a fan on facebook also! Thanks!!

  28. My favorite Christmas gift was a tiny sewing machine I received from Santa many, many years ago! I still sew to this day; although that little sewing machine is no longer around….only in my memories 🙂

  29. Wow what a wonderful website they have I think I love everything they have. The measuring spoons are great. When I was first married my mom for Christmas gave me a whole box of baking stuff I still have it all and love it. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  30. Oh my word, Debra! I went to the Crosby and Taylor website and was blown away. I’m so glad I “liked” them on FB because I’m now a huge fan! I have to say I love those bamboo measuring cups with maple display strip. My hubby likes things very organized so he hung the measuring cups on our cabinet. These pewter ones would look SO much better! I think I may have to have them!!

  31. I became a fan of Crosby and Taylor’s FB page!

  32. I don’t know what I like more – those amazingly beautiful handcrafted measuring spoons or those delicious looking cookies. No, I know it’s the cookies. No, wait, it has to be those measuring spoons! Oh well, that battle may go on awhile so I’ll move on to my favorite Christmas present. My daughter was born in December so she is my favorite Christmas present ever! Thanks again for your sweet post here!

  33. I really like the dragonfly salt cellar…very cool

  34. hmmmm….well, if I have to pick one favorite Christmas gift, which isn’t easy, I’d say the gift Santa left for me when I was in second grade….it was the Christmas my father returned from the Vietnam war after being gone for two years, and that Christmas Santa left his boot print on the hearth before leaving….very special in so many ways 😉

  35. …and I am now a fan of C & T on Fbook…

  36. oooooo, it’s all SO yummy! But I like the Pistachio Coffee Mug. So pretty.

  37. I apologize in advance for the sappiness, but my favorite Christmas gift was my daughter, born two weeks before Christmas 1994. After that, the pedal-powered tractor from 1970 or 1971. Loved that tractor.

  38. I received a chair that was made by my husband – out of branches and wood and painted by my son – it is an awesome piece of artwork

  39. I have the garlic pot and love it! I would love to have the beautiful coffee canister too!

  40. I am a fan of C&T on FB.

  41. Favorite Christmas Gift? – my DSLR camera. I had been saving up points to be able to buy it. My husband gave it to me before I had enough points.

  42. The most favorite Christmas gift I received was a cut-crystal box from my parents.

  43. I love the pewter measuring cups and the dog treat jars at Crosby & Taylor.

  44. I don’t really have a favorite, but I do remember being so pleased as a child to be given a very thick book containing several of Jane Austen’s novels. I couldn’t wait to get into bed and start reading.

  45. It was about 1974 and I got a stereo for my bedroom! Woot! GREG

  46. I will think of those lovely measuring spoons as my birthday present, since it falls between Christmas and New Year. 😀 I think my favorite gift was my iPhone. It barely ever leaves my side. Or maybe it was the year my brother gave me a bottle of good scotch. His wife thought it was impersonal, but it was probably the best gift he ever gave me, and much more useful than some of the silly tchotchkes she’d been getting me all those years.

  47. I like the celtic and bamboo patterns from Crosby & Taylor.

  48. I’m a fan of Crosby & Taylor on facebook.