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WE HAVE A WINNER!  TRACY, who said, ‘I love the pewter measuring cups and the dog treat jars at Crosby & Taylor!’

Tracy, contact me with your address so I can get this beautiful measuring spoon set out to you!

I have a confession to make: I have a thing for handmade artisan pieces whether it’s pottery, glass, paintings or other types of handcrafted art. I worked for a famous singer/songwriter years ago who said, ‘When someone handcrafts a piece of work, they give a part of their soul into whatever it is they’ve created – that piece is a part of the artist.’ Those words have stayed with me and describe the kinds of pieces I want surrounding me in my home.

So when the lovely folks at Crosby & Taylor asked if I’d like to give away a set of their beautiful handcrafted pewter measuring spoons . . . well let’s just say, that I was more than thrilled! If you take a look at their website, you’ll find not only pewter measuring spoons, but also measuring cups, ceramic coffee canisters, salt pots, even beautiful garlic pots. I also discovered that the owners live in Eugene, Oregon and I’m formerly a West Coast girl. Ironically the owner is originally from Northern Indiana and I now live in central Indiana – funny connections in a small world!

Here’s the deal – I have one set of gorgeous measuring spoons and stand in the Dragonfly pattern to give away to one lucky Smith Bites reader – and even though you’ll feel like they’re too pretty to use, I’m certain you’ll reach for them again and again! To enter all you have to do is:

Leave me one comment telling me what is your most favorite Christmas gift (or however you celebrate your season) you ever received.

For multiple entries, you can:

  1. Become a fan of Crosby & Taylor on Facebook; come back and leave a separate comment
  2. Visit the Crosby & Taylor website and tell me which of their beautiful products would you like to be using in your kitchen; come back and leave a separate comment; you must leave separate comments for each additional entry to qualify

The giveaway ends midnight EST on Wednesday, December 22nd; I will ship the winner their beautiful Dragonfly set and stand right away but it is unlikely you’ll receive before Christmas – so think of this as a New Year’s gift – and what a way to begin the New Year!! NOTE: Because of customs, this contest is open to US residents only and will be chosen using Good Luck everyone!

Now on to the cookies ~ here’s another short and sweet post for a terrific Rum-Raisin Shortbread Cookie from the new Martha Stewart Cookie App for the iPad – and let me just say, that is one super cool app, Martha!

The plus is that these cookies come together fairly quickly and then you simply slice, bake and enjoy!  You do need to plan ahead just a teensy bit to soak the currants overnight – and do use currants instead of raisins – the cookies are smaller and currants just plain work better here.  Perfect for cookie exchanges, holiday cookie trays, a gift platter or buffet table.  And the taste? Oh. My. Stars. And. Garters.  These are swoon-worthy!!



  1. Our favorite Christmas tradition has been attending the candle light service at church on Christmas Eve and then heading out for caroling to a few of our elderly friends who can’t get out very easily.

    Cool giveaway – love those!

  2. I would love to have the Fleur de Lys measuring spoons on the display strip for my kitchen. I have such a great appreciation for hand crafted items and would display and use these measuring spoons proudly.

  3. I am a fan of Crosby & Taylor on Facebook!

  4. If I had to pick just one favorite Christmas gift, it would have to be the ornaments my sister hand crafts every year. This year I decorated my tree and realized that over half of my ornaments were made by her. I would take a handmade gift over a store bought gift any day.

  5. I would absolutely love to have their vineyard ceramic set in butter pecan. Gorgeous!

  6. I simply adore the Sets of Bird Ceramic Canisters and I would love to have them in my kitchen!

  7. I became a fan of Crosby and Taylor on fb

  8. My favorite Christmas gift ever? hmmm, that is so hard! My husband bought me a tanzanite necklace this year for Christmas and it is soooo beautiful. Such a deep gorgeous purle (or red depending on the light). Its a favorite for sure!

  9. The fact that my Mother recovered from a stroke she had last year, is the best present of any kind I could have ever asked for.

  10. Favorite Christmas gift? My kitchen aid mixer.

  11. I heart the fleur de sel cellar!

  12. Now I really want a iPad-I love Martha! The shortbread looks killer. I love the Crosby-Taylor giveaway as well.

  13. I think my all time favorite was the doll house my grandpa built for me when I was little. He glued so many tiny shingles on the roof of that thing! Such good memories.

  14. Best Christmas gift I ever got??? Its my faith…. my relationship with God… I would be nothing and no one separate from Him!



  15. Became a fan on FB.

  16. As bad as this is gogin to sound! We truely celebrated the REASON. Best Christmas was when it was just my girls and I. My husband was deployed, but we had such a simple Christmas and really celebrated what the season was for. Yes, it was sad to have Steve gone, but there just seemed to be so much more time to relish in everything.

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  18. I love the Vineyard Measuring Spoons from the website.

  19. I like Crosby & Taylor on FB!

  20. Best gift by far was finding out we were pregnant on Christmas, but after that, the knife set my mom gave us on our first Christmas after we got married.

  21. On their site, I adore the Fleur de Lys Salt Cellar!

  22. I liked Crosby & Taylor on Facebook. Before I forget–the cookies look divine! Rum raisin isn’t a combo I’d ever thought to bring to a cookie.

  23. My favorite Christmas gift ever, were the diamond stud earrings I’d been hinting to my husband about. Well, more like hitting him over the head. He took the not so subtle hint and bought them for me. 🙂

  24. My favorite Christmas gifts have been when our two boys have made me something, anything, using their imaginations, love, time, and care.
    My husband always tries to be so thoughtful as well, getting me my very favorite perfume.

  25. Almost too pretty to use! My favorite presents are always the gift of travel.

  26. These are beautiful! I think my most memorable Christmas present was when my husband first bought me an ipod. It was when the Nano’s first came out. I wanted one but I never mentioned it so it was a huge surprise. He had engraved on the back “For my Wonderful.”

  27. I like the set of canisters on the Crosby and Taylor website. I have not used canisters on my counters in years, but it would be much easier to have the goodies right at hand!

  28. I am a fan of Crosby and Taylor on Facebook.

  29. Martha’s cookies look mighty good, especially with the rum! 😉

    My favorite Christmas present would have to be a necklace from my hubby several years ago. It is very unusual.

  30. Those measuring spoons are lovely! Next, I’m heading over to peruse the rest of their shop. My favorite gift was a mistake (I thought) – in ’01, I had asked for a totally manual, no bells-and-whistles camera. My husband bought a digital camera instead. At first I couldn’t decide if I wanted to return it, but I decided to give it a shot and have loved it ever since!

  31. Those shortbread look absolutely scrumptious and the Crosby and Taylor measuring spoons… i don’t know what to say. They are so beautiful, I think I’d have trouble using them. Actually… I think I could bring myself to enjoy the heck out of them.

    I have to say my favorite holiday present has to be a copy of The Muppet Christmas Carol my parents gave me for Chanukah when I was a child.

  32. One of my most favorite gifts was the year I was asked to be a giraffe for our church Christmas play that was directed by none other than ‘Mrs. Smithbites’ – she believed that I had a neck! Merry Christmas!

  33. I would love to have the vineyard sugar pot with sweet sugars. Although I keep salt in it.

  34. Gosh, my favorite gift I ever got was my pot and pan set. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  35. Wow, handcrafted pewter!!! Just liked Crosby & Taylor on FB. Of course I like you everywhere and believe it or not, I do not have any, ANY, measuring spoons in my kitchen and boy I would hit the jackpot with these artisan ones!! 🙂 Shulie

  36. The pewter salt cellar is just the cutest!

  37. Probably my Barbie dream house..ha! I have to make these for my dad. He LOVES raisins!

  38. I like Crosby & Taylor on Facebook : )

  39. Oh my GOSH I’d use those everyday they’re gaw-geous.. My most treasured gift is seeing my children’s faces on Christmas. Best gift ever!

  40. A Space Invaders bicycle. It was awesome.

  41. My favorite Christmas present ever would have to be the dollhouse that my dad made for my sister and me. It was the EXACT replica of the house we lived in, even down to the carpet & wallpaper. It was magical. Still have it to this day.

    Lovely spoons & cookies too!

  42. Those are really beautiful spoons. I think the best Christmas present ever was the year my parents got us all cross country skies which led to years of skiing together as a family.

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  44. Hi,
    Okay – I have to amend your question to Hanukkah Gift instead of Christmas Gift. I hope that doesn’t disqualify me 🙂 Hmmm….. Probably the family trips we took to Hawaii over the holidays when I was a child. I have lots of fun memories of playing with my cousin on the beach! xo

  45. They have so many lovely things on their website! What I love the most is the Blackberry Stoneware Coffee Canister. It’s gorgeous, and I’m a coffee lover.

  46. I am already a fan of Crosby & Taylor on FB. 🙂

  47. My favorite Christmas gift ever is the camera my husband bought me 2 years ago.

  48. The most favorite Christmas gift I ever received was a collection of kitchen stuff from my husband last year. He knew there were bits and pieces like a rolling pin, a new sifter.. things I was refusing to buy myself, but complained about every time I had to use my really crappy ones. Last year, I woke up on Christmas day to all the kitchen items I complained about having been replaced with ones I never would have purchased for myself. It was so thoughtful, and it showed he truly listens!

  49. A date to spend New Year’s Eve with my now-fiancee!