52 Sundays; December 5, 2010

We had our first measurable snowfall of the season yesterday – it was beautiful because I was indoors . . . albeit with a 2-man crew replacing our gas hot water heater . . . but still nice because I also made a fabulous turkey pot pie with a puff pastry crust – perfect for watching the snow fall! The Professor took a couple of minutes to snap some photos right here in our own yard – enjoy!


  1. This is breathtaking. All the more so because we don’t “do snow” in the Southern California sunshine. Now you have me craving a hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. Brrr!!!


  2. Oh, I’m so jealous! I love snow. Especially if I don’t have to drive in it!! Tell the Professor that I love his shots. Makes me feel like I’m right there in that crunchy, muffled snow-filled setting!

  3. Almost (well, slightly kinda) makes me miss snow. Glad I can view the beauty through your photos.

  4. BRRRRRRR….. but Beautiful! I do miss the change of seasons. What were those red berries hanging from the tree… Stunning photo.

    • It is cold Lael – about 20 degrees! Those berries are on a Burning Bush – isn’t is beautiful? Love the contrast!

  5. beautiful….my favorite time of the year!

  6. Such amazing photos! I miss the first snowfall, but must be honest when I say I’d rather avoid the rest of the winter. Driving is always such a mess! But I sure can enjoy and appreciate your photos!

    • I will not lie and say that I enjoy driving in the snow – I don’t; but when it first snows, it is a sight to behold!

  7. The snow is beautiful! We have 20 degrees and a dusting of snow here in NC this morning, but nothing like yours. It is always so pretty when it first falls.

  8. Good Morning debra, I always look forward to your 52 Sundays post. Such tranquil pics and I love snow – it makes it easier to bear the cold. I wish it snowed here since the weather has been brrr cold. Love all pics but my favorite is the third one! That sprinkle of red against the white background! Always, Shulie

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