Hi everyone!  I’m thrilled to be helping out my dear friend Gwen of Bunkycooks, who is recovering from ankle surgery this week; now let me be clear that I’m not happy she needed surgery but am happy that she asked if I might help her out this week.  I’m such a fan of Bunkycooks and look forward to reading her posts – she makes some pretty fabulous recipes and I have to say, I was most impressed by the fact that she made her own birthday cake this year – ala ‘Cat In The Hat’ style – I want a Cat In The Hat cake for my birthday!

Gwen and I started our blogs about the same time last year and first became friends through Twitter; but what sealed the friendship is that her wonderful husband Roger, has family right here in the town The Professor and I live in – crazy small world we live in, no? We finally met this past September when Gwen help organize the Food Blog Forum event in Atlanta – she and Roger did a terrific job – now on to the post!

I love, no, make that LOVE caramel – deep golden amber, buttery, silky, melt-in-your-mouth rich caramel.  Pies, cakes, cupcakes, candy – doesn’t matter – if it has caramel in it, that’s always my first choice for something sweet; add a bit of chocolate and a pinch of salt and I’ve died and gone to heaven.  Fair warning: these are rich and decadent so if you don’t want to eat an entire batch yourself, you might want to make these when there are people around – people you love, because lemme tell you, these little chocolate-caramel bars will make you an instant rock star!   And really, how can you go wrong with a Martha Stewart recipe?
They are one of my favorite bar cookies evah! Head over to Bunkycooks for the recipe . . . oh and be sure to leave her a ‘get well’ comment or say something to make her laugh!!


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  2. These look SO good! Just made some without the chocolate and was wondering….YUM! Especially with that finishing sprinkle of salt.

  3. These are so beautiful!! I think Martha needs to update her website…and use YOUR pics!!! 🙂

  4. Deb-Oh wow! These are gorgeous! I can just taste the caramel. Beautiful job!! I hope Gwen recovers soon. Happy Thanksgiving! (I know I’ll see you on twitter before;0)

  5. My goodness, woman – these look fantastic! Chocolate, caramel, and all of that gooey-ness is very enticing.

  6. How on earth did I miss these bars? YUM!

  7. Great looking dessert bars here, now we need you to make about 1,500 of them for tomorrow!

    Just kidding…that is what chef would say when we apprentices were all proud of something we made that took us all day to prepare only 20.

    Bon appetit!

  8. Debra, you are insanely crazy lucky to be meeting so many food bloggers this year! And YAY I can’t believe how lucky I am to finally be on that list! And I love Gwen’s blog and would love to meet her too. And I hope that if I am ever laid up from surgery a friend will bake these incredible luscious gooey bars for me! Off to check out the recipe!

  9. I’m a total sucker for caramel too. Throw in some chocolate and cookie and you’ve got a winner in my book.

  10. These look scrumptious love! I’m headed over now to wish Bunky well, have a great day yourself. 🙂

  11. I am with you – I am a caramel addict – combined with chocolate, oh my!!

  12. Gorgeous, just gorgeous…I’m licking the screen.

  13. I’m with you on caramel, adding a touch of chocolate to it makes it pure food porn for me. Love this one, gotta try it for sure.

  14. These look delightful. Perfect for coffee or tea or an after-school snack.

  15. Debra you have me drooling over here. I am subscribed to your email subscription and I have returned to my email endlessly today to look at your pics. Mouth-watering deliciousness!!!

  16. I love these and I completely agree- you can never go wrong with Martha!

  17. I love Bunky Cooks, such an amazing cook and so witty.. the cat in the hat poem was as amazing as the cake… This looks amazing… great job… I love Carmel too 🙂

  18. Spectacular bar cookies – I’ve never made these before, but I tell ya, it was the salt that caught my eye.

  19. These look super tasty!!!

  20. Two fantastic bloggers! I’m so excited to head over to Gwen’s wonderful site to check out the recipe!

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  22. Oh my goodness, those look amazing!

  23. Those look so decadent!

  24. Debra, These look so scrumptious. Love bar cookies and this one looks like the perfect one!! Mwah! Shulie

  25. All that and a pinch of salt too??? Be still my heart!

  26. Oh. MY. I nearly fainted looking at these pictures. Wow.

  27. Oh Deb, aren’t you a sweetheart for helping her out with a guest post! Now I’m headed over to BunkyCooks! Need. That. RECIPE.

  28. You’re such a good friend. And gimme those bars! ;-D

  29. Oh Debra, these look divine! I absolutely, positively must make these! And soon!

    • I just read all of these really nice comments! Thank you everyone and to Debra for filling in during my total brain (and physical) absence! Now I am waiting for my sample to arrive of these beauties in today’s mail! Tickled Red told me that is always the deal when you guest post, so surely my cookie bars are in the mail…right?! Fed-Ex…maybe?

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