52 Sundays; November 7, 2010

We enjoy taking walks, but unfortunately we live in an area where there are no sidewalks and two-lane roads make it nearly impossible to walk in our neighborhood safely.  But we are very fortunate to have access to the Cardinal Greenway in Muncie which is about a 20 minute drive; it’s a beautiful area with a paved road for walking or biking as well as dirt trails for horseback riding.  This same trail was once railway in the early 1900s, but is being restored as a nature preserve and is quite beautiful.  Plans are to eventually pave the entire stretch of abandoned railroad corridor in east central Indiana from Marion to Richmond, but at this time about 27 miles of continuous trail has been completed.  It was a perfect day for a walk – enjoy the flora and fauna of the Cardinal Greenway!


  1. Just getting caught up. What beautiful pictures!! You guys are so cute.

    Since we’ve been sitting in a dark, recirculated-air room for the past three days… these photos are reminding us that there’s still life, color and beauty outside. Just beautiful. And so badly needed right now. 🙂


  2. Wow, I’d like to go for a walk now 🙂
    Gorgeous shots!

  3. Lovely pictures! I especially like that one of the gorgeous couple at the end! Looks like you had a nice walk. Can I come next time?

  4. There’s absolutely nothing more lovely than a walk in the fall! Your photos are marvelous! Much as I love Florida, the one season I miss is fall….we have fall of a kind, but I really miss those colors!

  5. Such wonderful photos Debra 🙂 I feel refreshed & revived just as if I’d been out on the walk with you, you really captured the feeling.

  6. I have to go for a drive before I can go for a run or walk, too. It looks like it’s well worth the 20 minute drive to be able to walk away from traffic on such a beautiful trail!

  7. What a beautiful place for a walk!!!

  8. Gorgeous photos. Wow.

  9. What a lovely place to go walking. Great photos.

  10. What a lovely collection of photographs (especially the last one!) Ryan and I also adore taking walks together. There is no better way to spend a weekend morning or afternoon. Thanks for sharing, my sweet friend! I hope your week is full of joy.

  11. Pretty pictures! Great smiles! Was ‘the Professor’ on his knees? 🙂

  12. Your photos are beautiful, love the one with the bugs. You are fortunate to still have all the colour and the leaves on the trees. Ours have been on the ground for a few weeks now. There is nothing like a good walk with your eyes open to what is all around you.

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  14. Really beautiful photos. It looks like a wonderful walk!

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