52 Sundays; October 17, 2010

Last year we discovered a wonderful little market in Broadripple, Locally Grown Gardens, that is a real gem.  Chef Ron Harris was trained at the Culinary Institute of America and says that musical artist Ice Cube is responsible for his venture for the market – a converted gas station and where Bob Marley now blares from speakers set atop a large refrigerator. You find yourself humming along and maybe swaying a bit here and there while perusing the vast selection of seasonal fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea, baked goods, olive oils, specialty salts and balsamic vinegars.

I loved this quote from the website’s ‘About’ page:  “Ice Cube was being interviewed, and they were asking, ‘What advice would you give to young artists coming up?’” Ice Cube said, ‘Well, in music, I would say you have to keep it focused. Make it hot on your block first. Then you can be hot in your state, then maybe on the Internet, then hot nationally and then hot globally. But you gotta be hot on your block first.’

As you can see from the photos The Professor snapped, pumpkins and squash now adorn the market, located on 54th street in the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood but we were there checking out the offerings for this next week’s menu.

We picked up some cauliflower, green beans, apple cider, sweet potatoes, chanterelles and apples but we absolutely couldn’t leave without some of Ron’s BBQ Pork and 2 slices of that Sugar Cream Pie (Sugar Cream Pie is my well-known weakness; just typing those words makes my mouth water).

Yes Ron, I do believe you are ‘hot on your block’ and you’ll be seeing us again soon!


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  2. I love that quote and the thought behind it. I agree. And that is some squash shop! Love it! How autumn is that?

  3. Little places like this are the best, I just love them. So… maybe… Ron would give us the sugar cream pie recipe? Ohhh, I wish!!! That sounds pretty killer!

  4. OK. What is sugar cream pie???
    Love your market photos!

    • Barbara ~ Sugar Cream Pie is one of those quintessential pies known in the midwest – I had never heard of, nor tasted one until I moved here. But now I’m hooked – a must have every Thanksgiving – look for the recipe coming soon!

  5. Sugar cream pie? I will be looking for a recipe for that. Do you have one? I have never heard of it before. Maybe I know it by a different name?

    Beautiful pictures that capture the essence of fall. Great job Professor!

  6. Words of wisdom, indeed! Maybe before I’m hot on my block, I should try to be hot on my street.

    Autumn is by far my FAVORITE time of year. I can’t get enough of the warm, beautiful colors. Happy Sunday to you!


  7. I want to go to there! Sugar Cream Pie Baked Here Daily!! Beautiful photos, dears.

    • I went there!! I love the front room with the large dining table and the shelves and shelves of COOK BOOKS! I wanted to pull up a chair and spend the afternoon. But my sister and I were on our way to visit our younger sister. We wanted to take a sugar cream pie with us, but they weren’t going to be ready for another hour. So we took an apple crisp pie. It was delicious. The chef’s freeform crusts are interesting looking, but he knows what he’s doing! Younger sister nabbed a slice with extra crust. We came back on our return trip for the sugar cream pie, and was it worth the wait!! Oh my goodness!!

      • Isn’t it just THE BEST Brenda?!?! I sooooo want to sit with all those cookbooks but always find I’m in a hurry and on my way to somewhere else – must rectify that soon!

  8. Amazing pics and colors! I love that flower at the end. I’m curious, is that you at the purchase counter?

    Apple crisp pie? Mmm, sounds like the kind of place I’d like to go to!

    • Marly ~ you have eagle eyes! Yes, that is moi at the counter as The Prof snapped some photos. This place is a real gem!

  9. Looks wonderful. Nice photos. I have never heard of Sugar Cream Pie, now I am curious.

  10. Oh, sugar cream pie. That took me back to growing up in Amish country. Now I desperately want one…searching for a recipe now.

    Gorgeous photos. Completely captures the season.

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