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I think I’ve mentioned here before that I haven’t always been a breakfast eater; in my defense I think it’s because I don’t get particularly excited about cold cereal nor am I a fan of drinking milk straight up – ugh.  BUT give me a great egg dish, biscuits and gravy, some candied bacon or these blueberry-cornmeal pancakes and I’m so there.  In fact, now that I’m a grownup (and I am a grownup, ahem . . . plus . . .) cold cereal for breakfast is almost non-existant in this house.

My friend Barb over at Vino Luci has been in love with Bon Appetit Magazine for years and has just started a brand new site RSVP Redux; bloggers choose one of the recipes from the current month’s RSVP section to make, photograph and post.  So my first choice was for these fabulous Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes – because you know, breakfast is now my favorite meal of the day – go figure!

The cornmeal batter gives these pancakes great texture and because you let the batter sit for about 20 minutes, the cornmeal softens just enough but still has some body to it without being heavy – and pairs quite nicely with the ever-so-tender burst of blueberries.  I added my own twist for a maple syrup compounded butter which means that these little gems make a perfect breakfast for early morning tailgating parties!  Let the games begin!


  1. I love blueberry pancakes more than anything in the world, and I love cornmeal in anything, how did I not ever combine the two! Looks delicious, I’m going to give this a shot over the weekend :)!

  2. How did I miss these? Wow…these look fantastic!

  3. Yum! What is that thing you’re cooking them on?

  4. I just realized, somewhere between my childhood & my now grown-up status that breakfast has become some sort of weekend affair which I love. I am however a massve ‘brunch’ eater (only wish I could do it in style at some little trendy cafe and…. know what I mean?); but I seem to eat breakfast & lunch together these days. I’m with you. Milk & dried cereal has never been enticing to me first thing, so something like these wicked looking pancakes are the Bees Knees for me.

  5. I love breakfast, but hardly ever have time to make it for myself… unless it’s a weekend. I have a great idea – you come over and make ME breakfast??? These look delicious.

    And why do you always have to be proactive and get your Redux post up before the rest of us procrastinators? 😛

    I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet… but I think I still have about ten days to figure it out!!!

    Go go go…


  6. Boy, do these ever look good! I’ve never tried a cornmeal pancake either!
    I like that spiced maple butter!


  8. Oh so yummy! I am huge pancake fan!

  9. Oh yum, those sound delicious. And I love the compound butter, with just a touch of chili powder.

  10. Oh goodness – these look fabulous! That browned crust on the outside is just begging for a pat of butter.

  11. These look and sound so good – and I love that touch of heat in the compound butter. Very very nice!

  12. I’ve never tried cornmeal pancakes before but they sounds lovely! And that spiced maple butter – to die for!

  13. YUM! If I put in my order now…for next Saturday…you won’t be surprised when I show up on your doorstep. I’ll take 1 short stack please. 😉

  14. I don’t know what to say, but you’re killing me here! I’m not even a big pancake fan and I want these! I actually like the taste of pancakes, but they’re not usually my first choice for breakfast…but they usually are for my family! I might have to surprise them with these for breakfast tomorrow morning. I think they will love me! Which will, in turn, make me love you! Thanks!

  15. I want them! The only problem is the 20 minute wait for the batter…I’m going to go check out RSVP Redux right now!

  16. My mouth is watering. These look amazingly good! I will be trying this one very soon

  17. Those things look freaking delish. Om nom nom.

  18. Aw man!! This is what I get for doing my chores first and my reading second 🙁 If I had seen these this morning I would have made some for breakfast. They looks sooooooo nummy! I love Barb’s new site…I’m working on my recipe this week.

  19. Those pancakes just made my frown turn upside down! 🙂 Thanks!

  20. I love cornmeal and blueberries together! Might have to get some of the berries out of the freezer for this one! BTW, I think Barb’s new site is great. When things calm down, I will have to participate!

  21. This is my new favourite pancake recipe, have to tell you 🙂 I never make them but after making these for RSVP Redux, I will be making them on a regular basis!

  22. Well, somehow the Luna Bar I had for breakfast this morning isn’t quite cutting it. THESE are what I want…and, like, right now!

  23. Oh yum, Debra. I bet Rod loved this breakfast. Umm, who wouldn’t? This looks gorgeous!

  24. and I have some wild Maine Bluebs in my freezer just waiting to take a star turn.. I’m with TheHealthyApron.. your breakfast is looking like my dinner!

  25. Looking good. These are a perfect fall breakfast treat, if you ask me. Need to go check out RSVP Redux.

  26. Wow! These cornmeal blueberry pancakes look awesome. Breakfast is essential for me & I go BIG!! I am smitten by the maple compound butter. Your Redux is well done!

  27. Thank you for sharing this recipe! It is now going to be dinner!

  28. Great singer, great song! And great pancakes! I’ve wanted to join Barbara’s group but haven’t gotten around to it but these pancakes may take me there. Love the cornmeal in them and love the blueberries! Yum! Gonna get what I need to make them this weekend!

  29. YUUUUUUM! Can I come over now?

  30. I have yet to try a cornmeal pancake, but I can only imagine how great these must taste with the plump blueberries and the golden crunch of the cornmeal. Yum! Thanks for sharing a breakfast recipe…although I don’t especially love breakfast either, I do enjoy my pancakes!

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