These are a few of the happy chickens down the road who supply our eggs.

And these are the eggs we picked up – doesn’t get much fresher than this; in fact, the farmer was just washing them!

And believe it or not, these are pictures I took with my iPhone which I’ve edited and published from my iPad – WOOT!!!


  1. Waaa…. my farm-fresh chickens are $4.50 a dozen! But that’s ok. 🙂 They’re worth it, and I’d pay $4.50 per egg if it meant I got good eggs. (But don’t tell my chicken man that.)

    I had chickens growing up and miss them dearly. We keep talking about adding them to the garden… but I haven’t asked Mr. RGBistro to build the coop yet… yet. 😉


  2. I know people have said this already… but $2.50 per dozen? that’s not bad! I tend to pay at least double that here… But it’s totally worth the money.

  3. I’m a bad friend! I haven’t been commenting because I’m hopelessly behind in my blog reading – and I spent this morning catching up. Oh my, what beautiful food you’ve been doing lately! The Texas sheet cake – that reminds me of home too. And the Vietnamese coffee cupcakes – brilliant! We must have been thinking the same thing with blueberries – your buckle looks so homey. I made blueberry muffins last night and flavored my milk with ginger and lemongrass, but yours look soooo much more welcoming.

    You are doing some darn fine work. Keep it up!

    • You are NOT a bad friend Jenny! I know how it is to get behind in blog reading – it’s a full-time job! I’m not a baker at all so getting your compliments is pretty terrific – thanks friend! And looking forward to meeting in person soon!

  4. $2.50 a dozen? Get out! I’m so jealous.

    It seems like a lot of people I know are getting chickens, but I’m not ready for the responsibility…one cat is plenty!

    • Yes $2.50/dozen, crazy right?! They were only charging $2/dozen and we told them they should be charging more!!

  5. My family used to get fresh eggs from a local farmer when I was a kid. We lived in a suburb of St. Louis but housing developments were built next to farms and it was a combination of country and city in a way.

    Not so where I am now; I have no idea where I would have to go to find eggs like this in the south…burbs of Denver that is!

    • We feel so fortunate to have these guys less than 1 mile from our house – and at $2.50/doz for eggs so fresh they have to wash them, a steal!

  6. I told my husband I wanted to have fresh eggs in the house, he thought I meant I wanted chickens. I’m not ready for the chickens, but I am ready for a local farmer to get them from regularly 🙂

    • Beth, we’d thought about raising our own chickens but honestly, when these are about 1 mile up the road, it just didn’t make sense given that we travel quite a bit and would need someone to tend them while we are away. It’s fun to go each week and see those happy chickens pecking away in the sun!

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