52 Sundays; august 15, 2010

Pond Bullfrog; Body About 8-inches Long!
Pond Butterfly Koi Feeding
Pond Butterfly Koi
Pond Butterfly Koi


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  2. I see these and am instantly reminded of my mom’s cousins’ Koi pond with its own bullfrog. Having one of these and a little garden to maybe grow some grapes would be all I need in terms of backyard space. 🙂

    Lovely photos!

  3. Beautiful pics. So peaceful.

  4. Such pretty pictures of your garden…I grew up with Koi (my dad had a pond in our back yard) and these pictures brought back such fond memories.

  5. You will appreciate that despite the lateness of the season, despite the leg injury that has kept life at bay for 6 months, I could not give up on one thing that is such a true simple pleasure. My pond. JUST got it going yesterday! Has meant week after week of working from afar with neighbor boy who is afraid of bees and who shows up at non-advantageous times but finally, leaves cleaned out, pump the same and in a moment going outside for coffee but can hear it in here at my kitchen table and feel my summer is now more complete.

    Tho after seeing your pond, seems unfair to call mine one; it’s a water feature at best! No fish, just water dribbling off a slab of rock. I have a clay frog sitting on top of it, does that count? 🙂

  6. Beautiful! Happy Sunday 🙂 [K]

  7. We have a pond like this too. Sadly, the raccoons from the nature preserve next to our house decided the koi would be a tasty snack and we haven’t bothered to replace them. Gorgeous photos!

  8. I can hear the trickle of the pond. Brings a smile to my face. 🙂

  9. aaah-peaceful! enjoy your Sunday!

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